The Unforgettable Memory of Getting a Smart Phone and Being Admitted to HCC

August 29, 2021 by Essay Writer

The most important memory that I can remember was the first time I got a smart phone as well as the day I was admitted to HCC, I was 17 years old and I just applied for an admission at HCC which obviously I was accepted. A week before I got the phone, I and my dad had gone to the school I applied for and submitted some applications, we went back and forth from home to my school since we were told to submit some document that we didn’t have at that time as a result we had to go back home to get it. After we were done for the day we headed home. The next day we got a call from the school that some document were missing from the ones we submitted, therefore we got the copy and went back to the school to turn them in. I was nervous that maybe because I didn’t go to high school in the United States I might not get admitted, but to my surprise I was admitted but I didn’t start taking classes immediately because I was late to enroll for class so I had to wait for the next semester which was summer 2011.

After I was admitted to the school and we had submitted the necessary documents, everything was set to go but I didn’t have a suitable phone to be exact, and I thought to myself after all I was going to school to learn, nobody was going to pay attention to me or to my phone anyways. Before the summer class starts, I went to a new student orientation and saw all different types of people with different phones, which compared to mine was showy. When I got home I told my parent what we did and all. When I was done telling my parents what we did, I went into my room and I told my sister about the phones that I saw that I was ashamed of my phone, I told her that I couldn’t even bring out my phone and even when I want to bring it out I was reluctant to do. I went on and told her that when I saw the people phones I excused myself and went to the restroom to put my phone on silent so that if it ring I would not know and neither are the people sitting next to me. From their onward I started disturbing my parent to get me a smart phone but they said no, reason? If they got me the phone I would not concentrate on my studies that I would only concentrate on the phone and social network. I plead to my parents to no avail. One day my Mom came with me to a student orientation because I had to go to two orientation, she saw many teenage probably the same age with me or older and I whispered into my Mom’s ears and said “did you see the types of phone they use” and my Mom said “don’t worry you will have yours” I was not satisfied with the answer but I didn’t say anything I kept quiet and didn’t talk to her throughout the time till we got home.

The day before summer class starts I was in my room getting angry at my parent for not getting me a new phone when I sister came to tell me that Mom and Dad are calling me. I went into my parent’s room to answer them, then my dad said “where is your phone” I said it was in my room and he told me to go bring it, I went inside brought the phone and gave it to my Dad. I was standing In front of my parent and wondering if they were going to give me a new case for the phone, and that they were going to it wouldn’t had done any good to the phone. Then I saw my Mom’s face, she was smiling and I was thinking she was smiling for a new case of an old phone why? My Dad stood up, walked towards his bag dipped his hands into the bag and brought a box, he walked up to me and handed it over and I looked at it and I started dancing because I was so happy I didn’t know what to do I went and gave my parent a hug, and I ran into my room to unbox my new phone. My sister was with me, she wanted to touch the box but I didn’t let her because I wanted the first person to touch the box or anything coming from inside the box including the phone. I unboxed the phone and bringing an HTC HD2 smart phone I looked at and I started dancing again. I brought out the phone and insert the sim card (my parent had bought the sim card too), I turn it on and there it was all bright and new I was so happy. I did all the necessary things I had to do to the phone; I downloaded apps and game. Now that I have a new phone, I was so ready for my first day in college alongside with my new phone. My first day in school as a college student went smoothly for me, I had everything I needed for class (including my new phone), I met my teachers and other students in my class although we didn’t talk much I still love the class.

This memory is important to me because my parent cared about I feel and how I was going to feel after my first day in college, that was why they wanted to make it memorable for me. Even though I thought that I was not going to be accepted because I didn’t go to high school in the United States. It was also special to me because I experienced the life of an American student, I saw the way the education is in America and I wanted to have mine. This memory never left my mind because I cherished it and I forever will.

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