The Theme of Redemption in Dante’s Comedy

September 3, 2021 by Essay Writer

In my opinion, you can read that Dante’s comedy is about redemption. This theme is portrayed in all of Dante’s three major sections of the divine comedy, redemption, in this case, is all about the actions of being saved from the sins committed. The journey Dante is going through and the parts he is sharing with his readers is all about redemption. He is seeking to redeem himself into the real him after he has gone through a hell and a life of sins, this is what makes Dante’s poem an allegory, simply because of his actions which he is really trying his best to come of his sins. Redemption is what he is looking for because he could not just imagine how life could be if it were not for the love of God and not necessarily the love of human beings, we can’t simply choose to ignore any sin but we must repent to see the kingdom of God and not hell.

However, he explained a journey of a sinner who has fallen off the way and was not able to see heaven and in that case, he was not able to see heaven, he as well clearly illustrated the way steps of a staunch Christian as and a true believer who believed in God and repent his sins. He explained the life of a sinner who never repents his sins “into the eternal darkness, into the fire and into ice”. He was trying to give out the real experience of a sinner and the stages that he had to undergo, which is why in this case he was able to travel tough the steps that a person should undergo afterlives and the witness he undergone in both three stages afterlives.

Most at times, we could be doing some things which we could not be able to understand as well as comprehending what is of importance or the consequences awaiting us for our actions, life on earth might be so good that we forget what is awaiting us. The Inferno is just like a warning to Dante that if he did not change his ways and straighten up he will definitely end up into one of this circles of hell where there will be refuge but he will be tortured for eternity. “Consider your origin. You were not forced to live like brutes but to follow virtue and knowledge” which he gives a warning to the living that they should not just mind of their origin but instead come out and consider their future and what it holds for them to make sure that they well repent off their sins to avoid being tortured for eternity.

It is then through our ignorance and selfish gains that we end up committing sins and then find ourselves seeking redemption. According to Dante, Purgatory is usually a specific place on the road to heaven that souls must be purified before proceeding to heaven. People should go through this stage in order to be allowed to enter to heaven which is the desire of everyone, all human beings indeed want to go to heaven and Dante is trying to come clean on how people should live in order to go through this path without a lot of scanning. Paradise is for the few people who will be abiding by the Gods rules and principles which make them pure and sin free, they also believed in Jesus Christ the son of God. He himself did not believe that indeed those who would not have to accept and believed Jesus Christ could archive salvation.

However, Dante decided to choose the three parts of his divine comedy on one symbolic significance Easter weekend which is; Easter Sunday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. He explained that he went to hell on a Saturday whereby he found himself in the purgatory whereby it was his first step, he witnessed what the souls were being subjected. What might have happened next? What could be the result of those who are sinners? Were his questions on what is awaiting of him and those still living on earth. The three cycles in the Christian churches actually represent the salvation of humankind, Jesus died for the salvation of mankind through earning an eternal life for the believers.

I believe in redemption and salvation, we might have gone through hard times here on earth but all we need to do is repent for our sins and believe in Jesus Christ as a savior and redeemer. I will abide by the Guidelines and the rules assigned to us by God to that I can go to heaven and directly allowed to paradise, I believe that there must be challenges on the way as Dante highlighted but there is light at the tunnel. As per the three stages of heaven, redemption is the most important aspect that everyone should seek in his lifetime; this is the reason why Dante expounded this theme on the three stages of life.

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