The story The Yellow Wallpaper

April 16, 2022 by Essay Writer

The story The Yellow Wallpaper was published in the year 1892 by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Gilman was married to Charles Stetson, an artist, and they had a daughter, but after the birth of their daughter Gilman, went into a deep and long-drawn depression. She was receiving medical treatment for her depression but the medication only angered her.

Gilman was limited by her society and the people around her. She was told that she could not put her hand on a pen, brush, or pencil again. With all that build up anger she was able to create her most famous story The Yellow Wallpaper and start her long career as lecturer and writer exposing the feminist issues in society. In her second marriage her mental health had been improved, but she shortly ended her life in 1935. Gilman mostly focused in the genres of feminist fiction and gothic literature.

The story starts off with the narrator writing in her sercret journal, that she keeps from her husband, to relieve her mind. The narrator starts to describe the setting to the readers and she talks about the revolting wallpaper and how much she wants to rip it of the wall, which later turns into an obession in the story. As she is describing the room she is in she talks about how it could have been an old nursery. The reason why she is in that room is because her husband, John who is also her doctor, and her are taking a vacation because she has been dealing with post-department depression.

In the story John threatens to send her to a physician, Weir Mitchell, if she was not getting better by the end of their vacation. Throughout the story the reader can see that it gets harder and harder for the narrator to stop talking about changing the wallpaper. One night when she could not sleep she saw a figure, a woman trapped inside of the wallpaper pattern. As she sees that woman she begins to notice that the woman was her trpped between the patterns of the paper. She starts tearing the wallpaper but not to get rid of the woman, but to free her. As she is ripping off the wallpaper her husband comes home to discover her crawling on all fours. After he sees her, he then collaspe of shock.

The theme the author mostly foreshadowed was self exprssion. In the 1800s there was not a lot of self expression from woman because they were so limited by society. Mental health issues started to form in a lot of women. Wheter it was post- departmetdepression or just depresion in general they did not know what to do. People just thought it was not a big deal they will just get over it one day.

The Fall of the House of Usher was published in the year 1840 by Edgar Allan Poe. Poe was born in Boston, but before he turned three years old his parents died. Poe was later adopted by a couple, the Allans, whose name he added into his own name. He was a student in the University of Virginia but his acceptance ended when he fell into drinking and gambling.

Soon after that he was enlisted into the army. When he was accepted into West point, he ruined his possbility for being a soldier as a career and he will never escape from his pattern. In 1836 he got married to his cousin, Virginia Clemm, he was thirteen at the time. He became an editor at Richmond Southern Literary Messenger while mangeing his publication, The Stylus. He won a lot of literary prizes because of his writing career, but it was not enough finically support his wife and him.

His acholism costed his jobs in journalism. Later on in 1847 his wife died and he met wealthry widow that he would soon be married to. He was going to travel to go meet her in 1849, but went out to celebrate with his friends. He was found in Baltimore street unconscious then died a few days later. Poe writing genre was mostly gothic literature.

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