The Revolutionary War

February 20, 2021 by Essay Writer

I’m sure you’ve heard of the American Revolution or maybe the Revolutionary War? The American Revolution was a very harsh as well as hard time for our country. This war was fought between American Patriots in the thirteen colonies and the British men. Due to growing and increasing tensions between residents of Great Britain’s 13 colonies located in North America as well as other factors. A very important factor that impacted the way this arose was the French and Indian war.

The French and Indian war had a very strong impact on the Revolutionary war. You may not know what the French and Indian war is and may be asking yourself, what it was. Well the French and Indian war, also known as the Seven Years’ War was basically the North American conflict between Great Britain and France. There were indeed a series of battles led to the official British declaration of war in 1756.1 This war lasted from 1756 to 1763, which formed a monarchical or royal struggle between Britain and France. The war was fought to see who was going to have control of the Ohio River Valley. During the war there was many Americans as well as Indians who allied with the French. At last the Seven Years’ War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris which took place in February of 1763.

How does this convey the Revolutionary War? Well before ever getting into the French and Indian War, Great Britain had gained control of Massachusetts which helped expand throughout North America. During this time period, this made Britain one of the greatest empires around the world. As expected, Great Britain wanted to keep their power up so they started enacting rules as well as regulations that regarded traded goods. Like in every country corruption and bribing is present so many of the colonists often bribed officers and resorted to smuggling, in addition to boycotting. The only problem with this was that England began to strictly enforce restrictions during the French Indian War. As you may or may not of expected it, this angered many of the colonists as they could no longer get away with what was once a simple act regarding money.

Think of it as a domino effect, the Sugar act was just the first piece to fall down. At the end of the day the Sugar Act was really what started everything. Although the sugar act was an attempt to raise taxes it was resented poorly by the colonists and only encouraged them to protest around the colonies. That same year of 1764 the Stamp Act is passed, this act imposed taxes on a variety of printed materials. The colonists claimed this as a violation of their rights and responded with violent actions. The following year the quartering act was passed. Although this act was strongly resisted it not only required the colonies to provide housing but they also required them to provide food to the British troops.

During this period the Sons of Liberty became a thing. This was one of the many ways the colonists resisted against the British force before having to go to War. The sons of Liberty are now famously known by their well-known motto of, No taxation without representation. This group was started by Samuel Adams and included a few violent methods. They organized protests against what they perceived as unfair taxation and boycotts against taxed goods. Their purpose was to show the British government their discontent with taxes imposed on them without representation in Parliament They began stockpiling weapons and bullets as well as gun powder.

After this the Declaratory Act was passed which basically gave Parliament full power and control over statues and the making of laws after the Stam Act got shut down. The Townshend acts followed that, and placed taxes on imported goods. This causes Sam Adams to react by writing a letter which states that his rights are being violated and it is unconstitutional. He also says they have no authority to violate the British constitution and argues that we should be taxed by our own American government. This causes the British government to close the Massachusetts assembly line and the colonists quickly anger.

They rely on violence and make it impossible for taxes to even be collected.
In the following years many other events occur, like the Boston Massacre were three men are killed and two men are wounded. Parliament late passes the tea act and the Sons of Liberty don’t react so good to it. The Sons of Liberty attack British merchant ships and throw 342 crates of tea into the water, this event is known as the Boston tea party. The last significant acts which made the Americans realize the war was their last option were the Coercive Acts, also known as the intolerable acts. These acts closed the ports of Boston until the colonists payed for all the tea that was lost during the Boston tea party. This was basically the government’s way of punishing them for throwing the tea as well as trying to get all the money lost back.

In conclusion, the French and Indian war had a great impact on how the American Revolution came to place. The French and Indian war basically gave the North American territories to Britain. This led to North America being controlled by Britain and caused them to experience unfair tyranny. Although many people argue that the American Revolution has no justification at the end it does. Not only were British lives lost but so were many American lives as well.

So many families that fought out there just to gain freedom, rights, and a better tomorrow for our country, America got sick and tired of the unfair treatment they were experiencing and s stated before, they realized war was their only resource left. If it was not for the French and Indian war maybe we would still be a part of France and maybe our country would not be where it is at rignt now. But once again who knows what could have happened. At the end of the day the American Revolution helped create what we are now and helped us realize how unfair the tyranny was and it was just going to get worse from there.

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