The Main Characteristics Of an Epic Hero Beowulf

February 1, 2021 by Essay Writer

The main characteristics of an epic hero that Beowulf shows is brave deeds, he is a strong and responsible leader, risks his life for the greater good of his people and his kingdom, has a great amount of courage, his inhuman strength, and his faith and gratitude.

Strong and responsible leader

Beowulf stepped up for his people and his men and risked his own life to defeat the dragon. He sacrificed his own life so that his people could live peacefully again.


Beowulf’s courage comes from his ability to fight on, even after all but one of his men abandon him at his final battle. Beowulf is left dying, but he does not try to escape but he sits and waits for his end. Beowulf sits awake in uncertainty of what comes in the depths of the everlasting night. This shows that Beowulf has a lot of courage. Beowulf risks his life for the greater good of his people and his kingdom.

Brave deeds

Beowulf swims against Brecca. Beowulf is dragged to the bottom of the sea by a monster. He ends up killing nine monsters during this.

Beowulf without armor

Beowulf kills Grendel. He does this without any armor. Beowulf kills Grendel’s mother. Beowulf also kills the dragon. Even though his men left him and he still attempted to battle. Beowulf stepped up and called his men together and convinced them to battle when they were needed. He is also full of fear, but with courage he is able to control this fear. He thought more about his people than he thought about himself. Beowulf fights for those who are not his people, but he fights as if the people of Herot were his own.

Also when Beowulf fights the dragon, he sees the great amount of treasure as a win for his people.

Inhuman strength

Beowulf is able to defeat Grendel who is much bigger than he is and rips his arm completely off. He is also able to defeat Grendel’s mother. She is about to defeat him but then he finds a sword. He uses the sword to decapitate Grendel’s mother and to behead the corpse of Grendel.

Faith and gratitude

Beowulf is a man of deep personal faith. Before his battle he offers a prayer. After the fight with the monster, he gives credit to God, who, He says has allowed him to kill the monster. Beowulf is defined by his strength, courage, his sense of honor and loyalty, and by his religious faith.

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