The Life, Works Impact, and Success of Leonardo da Vinci

January 5, 2022 by Essay Writer

Leonardo Da Vinci was an inspirational and impactful artist that is still affecting modern art to this day. One has to wonder, where did this genius come from? Da Vinci was a very ambitious and an almost too curious man. A wide variety of his works were even illegal and he did them just for the sake of learning. Few people also know that Da Vinci was a perfectionist, and only published his best and completed works. At the time of his death, according to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Da Vinci had “almost 2,500” unpublished drawings, at the time of his death. (Carmen)

Da Vinci’s utter curiosity derived from his “long quest for truth”. A vast majority of his works focused on proving how life works, as opposed to most artists in this time attempting to express life. How curious was Da Vinci? Well, when it comes to risk, Da Vinci did not fall short of this mark. On a number of recorded occasions, it is said that he would exhume and dissect the remains of deceased people. During the renaissance period, the time of Da Vinci, the cutting of the human body was strictly prohibited. This law was based on the grounds of the Catholic Church, in attempts to not affect the deceased’s afterlife. Luckily, Da Vinci never got caught, and his curiosity wasn’t his demise.

Da Vinci’s personality was a huge factor in his success as an artist. Like the cadavers, he was the first person to actually do that. By a stroke of luck, he wasn’t ridiculed for the oddities that he considered everyday life, but this isn’t what made him a great artist. The failed attempts that made him keep going are what made hi8m a great artist. He may have had tons of work that was never “good” enough, but he kept trying until he got an amazing final result.

Leonardo Lead a very difficult childhood that did not define who he was as a person. Instead of going to many schools to expand his knowledge, Da Vinci taught a majority of the information that he learned to himself. This development that he was succumbed to was crucial to his success. It allowed him to learn only what he cared to learn, and ignore the rest. Why is this important? His life was full of new things that never lost interest to him, and that was most likely a reason for his great success.

His home life was not the greatest, but he amounted to great things. The reason he is such an inspiration to many of today’s artists is not because of his works alone, but because of the circumstances that he was under while accomplishing great things. If people can learn to do this today like Da Vinci did in the past, there would be an explosion of greatness. Da Vinci kept to what he loved to do, and eventually found great success in doing so.

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