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The hunger games was a book written by Suzanne Collins and has been acknowledged and criticized. The play is based on the period when North America government was reduced to Panem country. The disintegration resulted to twelve districts which were controlled by Capitol.

The hunger games were held in Capitol annually. Two tributes from both genders were drawn from the twelve districts and engaged in a fight to death. The essay will focus in answering questions that arise in an attempt to review the book. Themes of poverty, social inequality and love are well featured in the book. Further, the essay will relate some of occurrences to the situation in United States.


Theme of inequality runs throughout the book. Capitol controls twelve districts and influences their lives. Katniss lives in a place nicknamed Seam because it harbors poor coal miners. The twelve districts must comply by selecting two tributes to participate in the game. Once a tribute is chosen he or she must go to Capitol. Career tributes come from the rich families and are favored. Career tributes are trained intensively since they come from rich families.

Career tributes compete with other tributes from poor families who are not trained. The uncompromised fight to death shows inequality between the authority and subjects. Capitol manipulates wasps and wolves mutants as a way of frustrating tributes from poor families. The change of rules during game shows how Capitol can influence the outcome (Collins 79).

Panem is a meritocratic system where success is based on ability and performance. The career tributes yearn for the hunger games since they will be rewarded for their skills. The intense training depicts the importance of reward to the tributes. Katniss and Peeta tell Haymitch to be dedicated in his work so as to ensure they get rewards and sponsorship at the end of the game.

Further, tributes are dedicated in killing each other so as to emerge as winners. After Peeta and Katniss are declared winners they are overjoyed because of the rewards. Further, when Peeta and Katniss return home, their people are happy and they pose for cameras (Collins 154).

Media influences the social structure of Panem to a great extent. As a result, the citizens are more cohesive and learn to appreciate each other. Before the games begin all tributes are interviewed by a television host. The society gets to know how prepared their tributes are for the hunger games.

Peeta gets to inform the rest of the society including Katniss of his true feelings for her. After Peeta and Katniss return home victorious media aspect is involved (Collins 165). The two victors pose for cameras as they unite with their people. Tributes get to know each other better via media. Further, the society is in touch with the preparedness of their tributes via media.

Media influence in social aspect is similar to the situation in United States. Media plays a crucial role in promoting social cohesion among the citizens of the United States. For example, during the political campaigns the rivals get to know each other’s strategies via media. The supporters gauge the success chances of their political representative via media.

The cohesion in the society is promoted as people are united by media. People from different sides are featured equally thus enhancing social equality. The social relation between politicians and their supporters is enhanced by media. Political parties accept defeat and success of the rival due to trust and reliability that is associated with media in United States.

According to Allan Johnson, social structure is prone to many forces. Many factors are considered in establishment of social structure. Social structure varies with the change in attitude, norms and beliefs. Path of least resistance is interpreted as the common expectations by a specific social structure. Path of least resistance is associated with acceptance while the opposite leads to rejection and punishment.

In Panem, path of least resistance is well laid by the Capitol. All districts present two tributes from both sexes during the hunger games as spelt by the government.

Katniss volunteers in place of her sister to ensure that her family do not defy with the set orders. Haymitch trains Katniss skillfully so as to ensure that she will be successful by doing what is required. For example, the tactic of running from her rivals increases her chances of being victorious (Collins 179). Katniss teams up with Rue since she knows that they are more likely to win by forming a bond.

There is one instance when Katniss and Peeta fail to follow the path of low resistance. When the second announcement during the game demands that they should kill each other, they opt to commit suicide. Peeta and Katniss attempt to eat the poisonous berries and defy the orders of Capitol. Despite their disobedience, they are both proclaimed winners. However, Haymitch advices Katniss to tell the authority that she was in love with Peeta and could not be able to kill him so as to show that she was not being disobedient (Collins 180).

The hunger Games is a book that highlights significant issues in sociology arena. Social structure is one of the aspects featured in the book. Gender equity is well pronounced when the districts are supposed to produce tributes from both genders (Collins 212). Further, all districts take part in the games which shows social cohesion.

Power distance model involving the relationship between the authority and subjects is well featured. The social activities involved in the livelihood of the people of Panem promote cultural knowledge and acceptance. The book highlights instances of inequity and relates them with negative effects. Equity is associated with positive impacts to the society. The book discourages inequity and advocates for social cohesion.

The hunger games take place in a place that is not well known by the tributes. The hardships and the different situations are meant to make tributes adjust and survive all conditions. The hunger games involve participation of all districts which promotes cohesion (Collins 260).

The rich compete with the poor at a place where they are exposed to similar conditions. However, Collins successfully highlights some of the benefits accorded to the rich tributes. The nature of meritocracy ensures that the tributes of high merit are accorded great rewards. The book bridges the gap between the rich and the poor by negating the benefits accorded to rich and boosting the ability of the poor tributes.

Miner’s story on Nacirema attempts to bridge the gaps existing between different cultures. There are cultures that are considered being superior to others. The attempt of Miner is to reduce the intensity of culture disregard and promote acceptance. Miner features Nacirema people who thought that their bodies were vulnerable to diseases and sought for magic to heal them.

Miner talks of the shrine in which every Nacirema was supposed to pray and drink substances given by medicine men. Miner compares the culture of Nacirema with that of Americans. He refers to the shrine as being a bathroom according to Americans. Their belief in magic is associated with cosmetics and makeup used by Americans. The magical drinks are interpreted as medicine given by doctors in America.

The hunger games features Panem society that can be compared with American society. The games could be interpreted as political campaigns where the victorious politician is accorded reward. The participation of all districts in the games can be interpreted as equality exercised when supporters vote (Collins 289).

Consequently, inequality can be associated with the discrimination accorded to people of lower status in America. The book is well suited for youths since entertainment and theme of love is well featured. The protagonist is outstanding especially with her ace of hunting. Romance is the only excuse for not following the path with least resistance.


The Hunger Games is a very entertaining book that has been successful in highlighting aspects of social structure. The book contributes significantly to sociology literature as it identifies issues associated with negative as well as positive impacts in the society. Easy manipulation by Capitol shows influence and power distance involved in governance of Panem society.

Meritocracy system is adopted by the government of Panem. Meritocracy ensures rewards are given to people who deserve them thus ensuring fairness and justice. Further, the issues of a fight to death and the uncompromised participation depict severe control on the citizens. However the mutant wolves and availability of treatment for Peeta should have been more twisted

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