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1920s was a queasy age, no matter the peoples thoughts, the technology or the economics, all of these things have got a big development in the North American. (wikipedia,2007). The author of the Great Gatsby represented the above-mentioned facts in his novel.(wikipedia,2007)Gatsby is the main character in the novel, The Great Gatsby. He holds the magnificent and luxurious party at the every weekend. But, like most members of the rich in 1920s in the States, nobody knows who he actually is and his history (wikipedia,2007).

Survey the whole life of the author, Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. It can be seen easily, he has the similar experience like Gatsby did. Fitzgerald used to be a solider, he went to Europe and attended the World War One in 1917. In addition, he married to Zelda Sayre, a girl who was a daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court Judge in 1919. It is not hard to find that his own life experience is similar with Gatsby and his wife is like Daisy, his wife is a top girl in the rich-class in 1920s (books and writers, 2002).

However, there are a large number of rumors in the groups of people who know him. Gatsby’s great wealth is a subject of much rumor; none of the guests Nick meets at Gatsby’s parties know much about his past. (wikipedia, 2007). As can be seen from The Great Gatsby, Its more that he was a German spy during the war and Ill bet he killed a man. (The Great Gatsby,1925) . These soldiers have plentiful money. They utilized their money to buy all kinds of new-fashioned commodities in the North American Market.

There is no doubt that the capital of these soldiers is one of the most important reasons why the North American Market became so prosperous in the past time in 1920s. Quickly, however, the US and Canadian economies rebounded as returning soldiers re-entered the labor force and factories were retooled to produce consumer goods.Wikipedia,2007. I think Gatsby is mysterious and he is a miniature of new money in 1920s in US. However, he used to be a soldier in the European battlefield. Absolutely, he is just a member of the large number of the soldiers who came back from battlefield. Unlike other soldiers who came from the European battlefield, some of his wealth came from selling the wine during the period of alcohol prohibition. But nobody can show up the strong certification to prove his dealing is illegal. (wikipedia,2007). This is the reason why I think he is a mysterious guy. There is another situation should be noticed in the North American society in 1920s,they are the rich-class, like Daisy and Tom.

The author used Daisy and Tom to represent this class and the money worship of this class; I think the average American in the 1920s became more enamored of wealth and everyday luxuries, as a contrast, the average American especially the people in the rich-class more and more ignore the correct values for life, morality and money, etc. However, I think there are two exactly same features of Gatsby and the-rich-class, one is both of them are very wealthy and their life is luxury, another is nobody exactly knows where and how their fortune came from. In addition, there is a scene can be presented to illustrate the apathy and inexorability of the people who are very wealthy. In the Gatsbys funeral, only Nick and Gatsbys father showed up, no anybody else! let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead,he suggested.After that my own rule is to let everything alone. (The Great Gatsby,1925).

Author wrote this dialogue to present the bleak and cold-blooded social atmosphere. I dont think it is only Winebrenners attitude. This attitude, which was eroded by the money is full with the whole society in the States in 1920s. After Gatsbys death, Daisy did attend his funeral, even a bunch of flowers. It emphasizes how icy the society is! However, as another main character, Nick, he is the only true friend of Gatsby. In my opinion, he is a guy who presents those people that have a clam mind and sympathetic heart. When he faced the money, he was not beaten. Nick and Daisy forms a strong contrast in the novel. They are also two absolutely different attitudes in the American society in 1920s.

George Wilson and his wife, Myrtle, they are unfortunate. They are the victims and scapegoat of the corporeal society and the rich-class (Daisy and Tom). When they face the wealth, potency and influence, they can do nothing but compromise and to be sacrificed.Anyway, the years of the 1920s were marked by several inventions and discoveries of far-reaching consequences; unprecedented industrial growth and accelerated consumer demand and aspirations, coupled with significant changes in lifestyles(wikipedia,2007)


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