The Giver

The Giver's Ending

July 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Jonas and Gabe was walking towards the door. Jonas hears the same music that he had heard early. As Jonas and Gabe get closer, the music gets louder. When Jonas opens the door he sees that the fire place is lit which is weird since no one else would leave the community, but as Jonas turns he sees the grand piano and the person that’s playing is Rosemary The Giver’s daughter and The Receiver that had failed 10 years ago.

Jonas looked shocked when he saw her but Jonas wasn’t the only one shocked. Rose said “I wasn’t thinking you’ll be here already” Jonas said while looking shocked “Your Rosemary The Receiver that failed 10 years ago and also your The Giver’s daughter.” “Yes I am, I been living here, they were going to release me but i management to escape “Rose said “So that’s way chaos broke out before” Jonas was thinking. “Chaos broke out because I crossed the boundary, but can you tell me is The Giver still alive?” Rose asked “Yeah why? “Jonas said while wondering “I’m asking because since you passed the boundary, memories are being released to everyone in the community.

” Rose continued “So what about it he has more memories to stop them.” Jonas said, “He maybe have more memories than them but he stop them once there not going to listen to him again.” Rose replied “Jonas you need to rest for today tomorrow we’ll go save The Giver,” Rose insisted.While Jonas is resting on the couch, Rose quickly prepares upstairs for tomorrow and quickly goes to bed. Jonas was having a dream of him making a snow angel until something else took its place and something heavy began to press against his crest and legs. The thing against his crest and legs were a blur until he made it out, it was one on the drones. The drone had crashed right into him and he was losing oxygen fast. Jonas woke up gasping for air and he had pain in his crest and legs, he had to go talk with Rose about this “dream.” Jonas goes upstairs first to see if shes awake yet and she was already awake and making breakfast. This breakfast was new for Jonas because it was like the food in the community. Jonas had told Rose about the dream but she told him that it was a dream it was a memory from the future. “Every time a Receiver cross that boundary The Giver and The Receiver both get a memory of the future.” Rose continued. “The only reason why I knew who you where was because the memory was about you.”Rose had said. Rose told Jonas to wake up Gabe and also get the baby food from the fridge this was going to be a one day and three hour journey. “One more thing Jonas the Community is already in chaos but there’s are some people who’s trying to stop it, well those are your friends and The Giver so we should hurry up and go.” Rose explained.The journey was longer than expected it was because the environment was much more harder to climb and run on. They finally made it to the community but every thing was in rumble even the walls that protects the citizens from going to far. They first had to find Fiona, Jonas just knew where to find her. “We need to find Fiona first before we get to Asher.” Jonas command, Rose just nodded without saying a word. Jonas and Rose with Gabe in her arms they looked for Fiona who was keeping the babies calm. They told her to find Asher but she insisted that she stay he to keep the baby calm. Rose replied “OK you and Jonas can stay he while I go find my dad.” Jonas nodded without saying a thing, Rose gave Gabe to Fiona so he could get feed. Jonas and Fiona had to take care of the baby until Rose came by with The Giver. A hour later Rose came back see couldn’t find him but he was out there and they told Jonas and Fiona to find Asher and they’ll take care of the babies. Asher was in the control center piloting one of the drone when Jonas and Fiona came in. Asher was on his drone trying to pick up rumble that was on the floor of houses, when all of a sudden his drone went down so with Jonas and Fiona by his side looking at the screen they knew they had to travel on foot to find The Giver. They all ran outside to see the crash drone and some one was under it. It was The Giver this was Jonas memory had to go help him because Jonas knew that he’s running out of air fast. Every one was trying to help him get unstuck, after lifting 150 lb drone The Giver was finally free, “We need to start calming everyone down or else The Community is going be gone for good.Every one in the community was still in chaos, but they had a plan. Their plan was to give a speech about the loved ones in are life. Their speech would be heart warming and it also be meaningful to every one. ” Hi my name is Jonas as you know I’m The Receiver of Memory or was, as you know there’s no evidence of disease, hunger, poverty, war, or ever lasting pain exists in The Community. That’s because The Community had eliminated it, pain and strife when they converted to “Sameness” Their Speech took every one by heart so the community was no longer in chaos, also the people learned that we all have loved ones so we should spend time with them. Even though the chaos was over, The Community was still in rumbles from the chaos.There was only one thing left to due since the community was in rumble. It was to reform the laws and re-build houses. The planning and re-building will take a long time but with hard work and determine they will have it done as fast as possible. Every one would pitch in so the work will be done faster. Even though The Community is destroy with every ones help it would be soon re-built.

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