The Future Perspectives In The War Of The World

February 1, 2021 by Essay Writer

 Written in the year 1898, by H.G Wells, the novel war of the Worlds, is totally based on the future perspectives ahead of the 19th century regarding the new things that were discovered by people in terms of rapidly changing world in that era. The author aimed at displaying the world the innovation and the power the power of technology (Wells, 2003).

There was a fear of darkness in future due to the war and invasion (Wells, 2003). The story represented by H.G Wells is much more than merely a seminal work of science fiction. In addition to this, it is also a work which involves astonishing precognition of the things that might take place in the future throughout the 20th century and beyond. The fear revolved around death and destruction as it was not a war that took place between nations witnessed by people in the 20th century witnessed, but a war of the world. The threat from intra-terrestrial landscape began to grow as year passed by and there was a rise of war which involved British Muslims, which father led to terrorism all over the world, and not just London. H.G Wells had described what he thought he could foresee in the future and the emotion of fear to produce a vivid picture of the invaders and how revolting and wild it is. The impulsive nature of the Martians had led to the rage between people leading to inhumanity. The author has created diverse types of environment through his story along with the dramatic changes taking place where people are helpless and are at danger of terrorism.

In the novel, H.G Wells mentioned that the invaders are Martians who devastate London, and not New York. Nevertheless, after the publication of his book, the scenes that had been imagined and represented by the author became a reality in cities across the globe including London, Nanjing, Sarajevo, Smyrna, Shanghai, Warsaw, Berlin, Hiroshima as well as in Phnom Penh (The Telegraph, 2005).

London is considered as a successful city is because it combines a huge and variegated service sectors in addition to the most imperative international financial market in the world besides being the most loved destinations by the tourists. During the Second World War, though London survived, but the conditions were worsened by the Martians in the form of Luftwaffe. People faced terror in terms of financial trouble, as well as obstructions in their living standards. The war had put an end to the supply of the necessities to the people as well. Then again, even almanac attack on the scale of 7/7 would do much to weaken as well as challenge the attraction of London to resident, investor and along with it the foreign visitors.

H.G Wells had introduced beings that are evolved that could have technologically dwarfed humanity. In addition to this, the author also lays emphasis on the fear that was brought on by the idea that there exist creatures that are suggestively larger and superior to them. The fear of terror that is emphasized by H.G Wells, had though become true in the 20th century, however, the people also became very much insecure which is further enhanced by the humans being unconsciousness with regard to the fact that they are continuously being watched, as if the Martians were well aware of them as well as the life they lead.

The main theme survival of the fittest could be found in the works of H.G. Well, this is demonstrated in the real world when the war of world took place between nations for their survival. In the novel, the author envisioned ‘atomic bombs’ that explodes continuously by means of the use of radioactive power and laser weapons (India Today, 2018). These aspects were seen in the World War II when the things came into shape in the form of nuclear terror. Though other predictions such as wireless communications, space exploration where the author mentions in his work about moving walkways, Martian tripods, and the aircrafts, were the greatest innovation and discovery , however, the fear of war of world still persists among the people who are unaware of the biological conflict and laser weaponry .


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