“The Day it Happened” by Rosario Morales and “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry Essay

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Literary works reflect people’s longings and focus on particular facets of the human live. Thus, Morales and Hansberry tell a story of the life of minority groups who have to struggle with numerous issues. Importantly, each genre has its characteristic features which largely determine the development of characters.

It is possible to trace this difference while considering the characters of Walter and Ramon. These two characters have a lot in common, but they also differ in a number of ways. At that, the development of these characters is also different.

Thus, it is necessary to note that the two characters are males who are breadwinners and have to provide for their women. Ramon has a young pregnant wife, Walter lives with his wife and his son, his mother and sister. The two men are representatives of minority groups who have severe financial constraints.

It is clear that the two men wish to be wealthier. However, they are hard workers and hardly have an opportunity to become richer in the nearest future. These financial problems and overall dissatisfaction with their life (as well as status) makes them abusive. The two men similarly try to assert themselves at the expense of their women.

However, this is where similarities end as it is obvious that the two characters are very different in many ways.

One of the most obvious differences is that Walter abuses his wife psychologically while Ramon often physically abuses his wife even though she is pregnant with his child. Ramon would beat his wife and poor woman “was scared he would hurt the little baby” (Morales 561).

Walter is very rude and mean all the time he accuses his wife of being unsupportive, “moaning and groaning” even though she tries her best to take care of him and their family (Hansberry 494).

Nonetheless, he never beats her like Roman does with his wife. Another important difference is that the two men have different aspirations. Thus, Walter wants to become rich and more powerful.

He is tired of living in the minority neighbourhood and he is ready to take risks to earn a lot of money and to become a part of the majority group. Whereas, Ramon’s aspirations are not vivid but it is clear from the text that he is focused on his job and his household.

The two characters’ attitude towards their background is also different as Ramon is proud of being Hispanic and he speaks Spanish with his wife when he pleads her to stay, “Si te vas me mato. Te lo juro” (Morales 562).

However, Walter is willing to forget about his background and wants to enter the white middle class or even upper-middle class. He thinks he is “a giant – surrounded by ants” (Hansberry 530). He does not want to associate himself with the people living in his neighbourhood.

At this point it is important to add that the development of the two characters is also different due to the genres chosen. In the play, the author reveals Walter’s aspirations and fears through his interactions with other characters. Walter appears to be a well-developed character whose major features of character are on the surface.

However, the character of Ramon is not that developed as it is hard (or even impossible) to reveal major features within a short story. The reader is not sure about Ramon’s aspirations as he also could strive to get rich and he could also be involved in some financial operations.

In conclusion, it is possible to state that Walter and Ramon are two representatives of minority groups who have a lot in common, though differ considerably. One of the most obvious differences is their attitude towards their background.

Other differences are less explicit due to different of the literary works as the short story is unable to reflect all the facets of a character while the play has all tools to do it effectively.

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