The Crucible vs The Great Gastby Free Essay Example

August 22, 2021 by Essay Writer

Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” is inspired by the real life Salem Witch Trials. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby is about a man named Nick relocating to Long Island in hopes of becoming a salesman. These stories share some similarities and differences between each other.

In the beginning of “The Crucible”, Betty, Abigail, and Tituba practicing a ritual. When Abigail is confronted by her uncle, Reverend Parris about the situation, she dismisses it as just dancing. She threatens Betty and Tituba to not say anything.

Reverend Parris worries that his reputation will be broken if there was actual cases of witchcraft. One day, Betty is heard screaming and people rush to see what’s going on. They suspect that someone is cursing her. Reverend Hale, a witch hunter, questions Abigail’s and Tituba’s behavior and they both claim they were bewitched by the devil and say who else has been practicing witchcraft. Abigail claims that Elizabeth Procotor and claims that poppet in her house is evidence.

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She’s right and she is arrested. John Proctor decides to testify with Mary Warren, his housewife, to deny any encounters with the devil. John confesses that he committed adultery with Abigaill. Mary lies about him not being a lecher and claims John made him sign a book by the devil. Afterwards, John is thrown in jail. Before John is due to be executed, he and Elizabeth meet. They forgive each and John decides to confess, but ends up not doing so.

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He acknowledges himself being a good man and is hanged.

The Great Gatsby begins with Nick moving to Long Island in hopes of becoming a salesman. West Egg is where he resides. He has a wealthy neighbor named Jay Gatsby, who has big parties and one day invites Nick to one of them. One day, Nick he travels to East Egg, where he sees his cousin Daisy, her husband Tom, and his mistress Myrtle. At Gatsby’s party, Nick learns that Gatsby had met Daisy 5 years ago at a meeting and fell in love with her. In order to reconnect with her, he and Daisy have tea at Nick’s house. Gatsby and Daisy begin to fall in love. When Tom finds out, he confronts Tom is the Plaza Hotel. He tells Daisy that Gatsby has committed multiple crimes and that he doesn’t understand the past between him and Daisy. On the way back to East Egg, Myrtle is killed a car crash. The car belonged to Gatsby and was driven by Daisy. Myrtle’s husband, George kills Tom and himself. After the funeral, Nick permanently relocated back to the Midwest.

Reputation is a common theme in both stories, as the major characters try to maintain their status. In “The Crucible”, if a people is found guilty of witchcraft, their reputations are forever ruined. John Proctor saves his reputation by not making a false confession and choosing death. In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby loses his reputation after it is found that he got rich by committing crimes and ends up getting murdered. The setting in “The Crucible” is the late 17th century while the setting in The Great Gatsby is post WW1. Authority is another theme in “The Crucible” as Reverend Parris is an authoritative person in his village while Proctor rebels against authority, which costs him. The upper class is another theme in The Great Gatsby as the West Egg is more on the rich side while East Egg is more on the middle to low class side. Also, both stories end in someone’s death.

In conclusion, despite the difference settings of the 2 stories, they share similarities such as reputation, crime, and wealth. The characters in both stories work to keep their names clean. In the end though, both stories ended in tragedy or in other words, somebody lost their status.


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