The Crucial Role of Occasions of the Past in the Play Oedipus The King by Sophocles

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The occasions of the past may not become an integral factor or become critical until some other time throughout everyday life. Oedipus encounters such a thought on various occasions all through the play Oedipus the Ruler, at first made by Sophocles. The occasions that happen following the introduction of Oedipus don’t appear to be significant until Oedipus winds up as the Ruler of Thebes.

The occasions of Oedipus’ introduction to the world emerge now with criticalness, and with negative meanings, and make a horrible reality Oedipus needs to confront. As Oedipus finds his association with his previous a noteworthy subject of the play is uncovered that it is trying to get away from the unforgiving substances of the world since it will in the end become evident that the ominous substances in life are bound to show up eventually. That specific subject is created through the Prophet of Delphi’s case in regards to Oedipus, Oedipus’ demonstration of homicide, and his acknowledgment of who Jocasta truly is.

Topic Sentence 1

The topic of the play is first shown through the expressions of the Prophet of Delphi in regards to the destiny of Oedipus and how that influences his qualities as a character.

Proof 1

‘How mating with my mom I should produce an offspring to make men shiver, having been my dad’s killer’ (44). Oedipus is disclosing to Jocasta what is frightening him and he clarifies that the Prophet of Delphi predicts that he will kill his dad and wed his mom. The forecast has been in presence as far back as Oedipus was conceived. In any case, Oedipus does not get some answers concerning it until some other time into his grown-up hood. This is only one case of how the past of a character can become an integral factor sometime down the road. Since Oedipus leaves his folks in Corinth, Polybus and Merope, it uncovers his family esteems and that he is eager to leave an incredible foundations for the insurance of his nobility just as the lives of his folks.

Proof 2

‘In light of the fact that Polybus and you were completely different’ (55).

The delivery person is soothing Oedipus’ stress that he will do what Apollo claims he will do. Oedipus does not need to stress over killing his dad and wedding his mom as per the errand person in light of the fact that Polybus and Merope are not his organic guardians. Presently, the topic is obvious on the grounds that a reality from Oedipus’ past that he was ignorant of has currently turned into a piece of his world. It is an ideal thing to a degree in Oedipus’ situation since now he figures he doesn’t need to stress over the prophets being valid. Nonetheless, where it counts it is presumably a cruel reality since now Oedipus does not know who his organic guardians are. In some other circumstance, discovering one’s folks are not genuinely their folks would be a totally unforgiving reality.

Topic Sentence 2

The topic in regards to finding truths is additionally created as realities relating to Oedipus’ homicide at the intersection emerge and how it influences Oedipus’ demeanor.

Proof 1

‘Why, a few scoundrels in your record, he asserted, chop down the Ruler. In the event that he will keep to a few, I, as just one, am not the executioner, not the equivalent. Be that as it may, in the event that he says it was a solitary man venturing ah, at that point!- the decision tilts also intensely to me’ (46).

The past occasion that is the point presently is Oedipus killing a band of people at an intersection for what he says was in ‘self-preservation.’ At first, Oedipus thought he was only an overcomer of a baseless occasion. In any case, this occasion from the past returns to furnish Oedipus with the truth that the homicide really implied more than he suspected. Presently, Oedipus has a distrustful and troubling frame of mind towards his circumstance in Thebes. Oedipus is distrustful that he is the killer of Laius coincidentally and furthermore stressed that he is the reason for the plague in Thebes.

Proof 2

‘Lost! Ok lost! Finally it’s bursting clear. Light of my days, go dull. I need to look no more. My introduction to the world all sprung uncovered from those it never should, myself laced with those I never could. Furthermore, I the enemy of those I never would’ (67).

Presently the brutal truth of reality behind the homicide on the junction has at long last turned out to be obvious to Oedipus. What Oedipus has dreaded for a long while has worked out as expected demonstrating that what will undoubtedly happen can’t be gotten away; it simply must be acknowledged regardless of how awful the completion might be.

Point Sentence 3

At long last, Sophocles topic is depicted as Oedipus finds reality to the marriage of Jocasta and how that fact influences his present activities.

Proof 1

‘You vomited men! Out on this silly rattle! Disgrace to wrangle over private wrongs… (35).

Jocasta says this with regards to her better half when Creon and Oedipus are in a squabble in regards to the passing of Laius. Jocasta needs Oedipus to be in a strong state so she advises Creon to leave. The past being alluded to here is the marriage of Jocasta and Oedipus and how the truth of their marriage is covered up right now. Nonetheless, perusers realize that reality of their marriage is uncovered and Oedipus in the long run discovers that he does truly wind up wedding his mom. Up and down, the truth of their marriage was trailing them and similarly as Apollo anticipated, Oedipus’ horrible destiny comes genuine.

Proof 2

‘He liberates the noose and the lays the pathetic lady down, at that point Goodness ugly spin-off!- rips from off her dress the brilliant pins she was wearing, holds them up and smashes the pins directly through his eyes. ‘Devilish, mischievous eyes!’ he heaves… (70).

When Oedipus finds the truth of his union with Jocasta, he can’t deal with it and plays out the maniacal demonstration of measuring his eyes out. His association with the past and reality making up for lost time with him powers his present activities of hurting himself and eventually prompts his defeat as Lord of Thebes.


Attempting to get away from the substances in life that may cut a person down is totally ridiculous as indicated by Sophocles in light of the fact that through Oedipus he uncovers that the substances that appear to be disposed of in the past will in the long run meet that person later on.


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