The Character Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

April 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

In the Allegory, The Crucible, Arthur Miller sets up significant moments to show the characters’ growth. Abigail Williams is a person who is known in the town because in the very beginning of the play she is accused of witchcraft. Abigail is shown as a person who is a liar and a manipulator. In this play Abigail ruins herself by lying to the town, accusing other people of witchcraft just to save herself, and trying to manipulate everyone by even lying in court.

Abigail is a manipulative person, because of this she uses that power to make the whole town pity her. “Child. I did not mistrust you…”. In the play Abigail basically wants everything to go her own way. The Salem Witch Trials were about finding witches within the town and making them “pay” for the black magic they created. Abigail always seemed to be the one to get everyone into trouble. All she wanted to do was get love and revenge. Abigail and John Proctor had an affair with his wife Elizabeth Proctor. After all of this Abigail wanted more and she was going to get what she wanted no matter what it took. Abigail had created a plan. She tried to help John Proctor by proclaiming Elizabeth’s innocents, saying she made the poppet for herself. Abigail had tried to say that the poppet was made for voodoo. Quickly the poppet was used in court to show how Elizabeth practiced witchcraft. Mary Warren had left a needle in the stomach to show that she was trying to hurt Abby from a distance. This was enough to make the court believe that Elizabeth was doing these horrible things. Later Proctor had rebuked the information and made it seem ridiculous.

We can guess from the quickly evolution events culminating in Elizabeth’s arrest that Abigail deliberately uses Mary Warren and also the valve as a part of her demonic attempt to frame Elizabeth. Mary remarks that Abigail saw her create the valvein court. We are able to infer from this that Abigail hatched her setup then and there to induce Elizabeth condemned, later stabbing herself within the body, even as Mary Warren’s needle remains within the valve that lands up in Elizabeth’s house. What we tend to can’t be positive of is whether or not Mary was a celebration to any of this theme. It appears seemingly that she wasn’t, however, as she seems as a really naive woman compared to the slick, conniving Abigail. However, she additionally seems to be in awe of Abigail.

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