The Biography of the American Journalist Ann Mcadoo

February 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

The gorgeous Lee Ann McAdoo is a brilliant American journalist making strides in the alternative journalism world; she is currently associated with The conservative journalist rose to prominence following her criticisms of the traditional media; as well as her unparallel support of President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, McAdoo has been the co-anchor of Infowars night segment tagged Nightly News alongside Alex Jones. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in 2011. Learn more about the gorgeous journalist, her age, career, boyfriend and other facts below.

Lee Ann Mcadoo Age

Lee Ann McAdoo was born in 1979 to American parents Steve McAdoo and his wife Kathryn McAdoo. She celebrates her birthday on the 7th day of February every year. McAdoo possesses an American nationality and she is of Irish ethnical background. She grew up along with her two siblings – Jennifer McAdoo and Shane McAdoo. Being a very bright and smart kid; Lee developed an interest in becoming a journalist when she was very little. At the completion of her basic education in 2008; Lee enrolled at the University of Texas located in Austin, Texas. There she acquired a degree in broadcast journalism.

Journalism Career

Prior to her graduation, McAdoo kicked off her journalism career. She developed her own blogs and another WordPress free blog where she publishes her own news articles and reports. Her work on her blog sites made way for her to master the techniques in alternative journalism. After her graduation, she joined the controversial news media known as There she has been working as a correspondent as well as an anchor since 2013.Working with the notable controversial right-wing site has earned the amazing journalist the nickname ‘Wonder Woman’ due to her brilliant performances. She has been a conservative commentator, an acclaimed psychic, and also the host of the night show known as Nightly News.

Interestingly, McAdoo’s excellent delivery, top-notch work ethics, and comportment have kept her in the limelight for a very long while. Regarded as a controversial reporter herself, the journalist has also conducted numerous interviews with high-profile political figures in the United States. Her series of biased political comments during the 2016 US Presidential Election has made her an avid fan of Donald Trump and opposing to Hillary Clinton.Asides from her stint at Infowars, Lee Ann McAdoo has also served as a music show anchor on Balcony TV located in Austin; as well as a blogger on Legit Art Entertainment. Lee has also tried a little bit of acting when she appeared in the TV series titled The Last Records in 2009, among others.

Who is Lee Ann McAdoo’s Boyfriend?

McAdoo with Alex JonesLee Ann McAdoo has been successful in her journalism career; however, little or less is known about her personal life. It is already known that she is a very private person and hasn’t shared much information about her personal life; nevertheless, she was previously cut up in a heated controversy. Back in 2015, it was alleged that Lee was having an affair with his boss and co-anchor Alex Jones while he was still married to Kelly Nicholas. At the time, Jones’ marriage was in crisis and he finally divorced his wife in December 2013. After their divorce, rumors began to spread alleging that it was because of McAdoo that Jones had to divorce his wife, Rebecca. The rumor, however, dominated the media for several months.

Subsequently, in 2016, the duo of Lee and Jones dedicated an episode of their show on Infowars to clarify issue surrounding the ongoing rumors about having an affair. During the show, Lee Ann McAdoo’s revelation of previously being a relationship with a man named Valin Zamarron was able to bring the rumors to an end. After the show, McAdoo took a break from the Infowars network and later returned in 2017. Apparently, the amazing journalist isn’t in any relationship at the moment; she is currently aiming to reach the peak of her journalism career.

Her Body Measurements

Lee Ann McAdoo is a very smart and intelligent journalist; her attractive personality has contributed to her charm while standing in front of cameras. She has an incredible height, standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is an inch above the average height for American women. McAdoo weighs 130 pounds (59 kg) and she sports perfect body measurements (breast-waist-hip size) of 36-26-36 inches. In addition, she has brown eyes as well as brown hair.

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