The Biggest Betrayal in 1984 by George Orwell Free Essay Example

February 19, 2021 by Essay Writer

In 1984 we come in counter a man that is named Winston Smith, he is a character we tend to pay the most attention to in the novel. He is involved in a group called Outer Party. Many people, unaware throughout this novel that he is actually a supporter of Big Brother. On another note about the previous definition of heroism, he is not a hero. (Winston comes in contact with a woman in Oceania and they join together, we come to know Julia as the woman that has the dark hair that he notices following him, he thinks it’s a spy.

He ends up having an affair with Julia) when Julia and Winston were taken, sent to be tortured. Julia and Winston gave in, told everyone about their plan to stop Big Brother. They end up changing the way they feel and love Big Brother, which is ironic.

As the novel goes on, Smith goes shows us that he is all for being against the party.

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Winston does not deserve the title as a hero, as a hero is someone who can justify their actions. He ends up getting past the Party and ends up buying a diary “at that time he was not conscious of wanting it for any particular purpose” (Orwell 6).  The fact that he bought a diary it shows that he wants to keep committing rebellious acts since it lets him see the past. He constantly to commit outrageous acts as he writes in his diary “in capital letters DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” (Orwell 18).

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He cannot rebel now, in the town Oceania, they started putting telescreens throughout their town, which are used to spy on neighbors.

There was an event that is known as the “Two Minute Hate”, where people in Oceania must watch a film in which they decide Party’s enemies. “The second minute, the hate tends to rise to a frenzy. People were jumping up and down at their spot and shouting at the tops of their lungs to down out the maddening bleating voice that was on the screen” (Orwell 1). Once he ends up deciding if he wants to rebel more, he meets a woman named Julia. Once they meet in Oceania they decide to go and rebel together. They started making love “even if it was only once in his whole life. The sexual act, that was performed, was rebellion” (Orwell 68).

Winston goes on to try to find O’Brien, “Winston’s torturer, the leader of  Inner Party, and ends up represent the Party.” joins Brotherhood by saying that “we tend to believe there is some type of conspiracy, some kind of little secret organization working against the Party, and you are involved in it. We want to join it and work for it” (Orwell 170). He comes to realize he can’t take back anything he said once O’Brien begins asking him questions if he wants to commit on being involved in Brotherhood, he agrees not knowing what he’s getting into. Winston ends up coming face to face as O’Brien tortures him with a shock while Winston yells his love for Big Brother. He states, “obey the party, but yet Winston still hated the party” (Orwell 282).

Soon, he ends up betraying Julia in room 101 (the room above Mr. Charrington’s shop). Mr. Charrington, a elderly man that owns a junk shop, he is also involved with a group called Thought Police, and he is also a prole. Room 101 is the room where Winston and Julia have their affair, and where he betrays Julia by leaving her because of his fear of rats. Throughout the novel, most people end up betraying the things that they love the most in life. Smith replaces everything that he loves for Big Brother.


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