The Approaches Of Fight For Liberty Of Thomas Paine And Benjamin Franklin

May 17, 2022 by Essay Writer

The age of reason can mainly be recognized as the era that transformed the way that the Americans reason and live their lives. Both Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin were fervent writers of their time. They were both way more concerned with enlightenment. They both had a longing or desire of producing new developments in either science, religion or politics. These similarities in ambition, drive, innovation, as well as objectives, are in all probability the reason as to why these two had an interest in each other. They, however, all wanted to make this world more informed, aiming at challenging the old ideas. Their main goal was to make the world a more successful and open-minded place. Paine had a strong belief in human right and that no other institution be it state authority or religion could take away the freedom that man naturally deserves (Schofield, 2015). Benjamin Franklin, on the other hand, essentially unified hard work and constant self-improvement strategies directed at improving life as a self-made man. His life exhibited his strong beliefs towards humanity. However, regardless of their differences, they both laid or generated a powerful foundation for an open society where people are free to pursue liberty.

Thomas Paine notably contributed to the American Revolution through his prominent, incendiary writings. He criticized the divine rights of the king, advising the American colonist to revolt against the colonial rule by throng the slavish dependence on a tyrannical government. He advised for the formation of a new nation that would have freedom of expression, association, education, and religion. He was a very willful and controversial gentleman who believed that America had the right to be free from the colonial rule. In his writings, he wrote that ‘it is a natural right for America to have its own government” (Mills, 342-344)

To Franklin, life is too short meaning that people should never waste time (Wilson, 700-702). This was the leading purpose as to why he always spent his days working tirelessly to make a life full of prosperity. He generated a foundation for the formation of American values and characters which are deep-rooted to Protestants Christianity. Under the tradition of Puritanism, hard work, education, discipline self-improvement, and frugality laid the premise from which the nation was finally built. Being born in a puritan family that believed in God as the creator of the universe and everything therein, Franklin believed in the natural innocence of human. He trusted that if education could be appropriately undertaken it would modify the lives of the Americans, setting them free from the tyrannies of religion and authority. He, therefore, made every attempt to help people meet means of individual happiness through many sayings and terms that motivated the working families.

As a matter of fact, at this period of “age of reason,’ it was a strenuous time for the English colonies. People were in a tough moral battle between themselves whether to stay true to the colonial rule or to make a move towards independence. Paine was known as the father of revolution in the sense that he finally became an inspirational writer. His presence, endeavors, and literature brought to the people bravery they needed for them to be independent or rather fight for independence and freedom. Unlike Franklin, Paine trusted that individuals were not born in a given state in life, but they came into the world with fundamental, indestructible rights. Having the idea of undisputable rights and freedom for human beings, he, therefore, was able to build foundations of freedom for human beings. This all began with a common sense where Paine convinced his readers that they needed to rebel against the English colonial rules, thus sparking the American Revolution (Mills, 342-344).

Anticipating the formation of a new society that would be governed by rightfully elected individuals to represent their people, the colony could only abandon the tyranny. Both Franklin and Thomas Paine were devout, only that Paine held strong beliefs that would ultimately affect his literature negatively. To him, all national institutions emerged as human inventions set up to scare and enslave human beings by monopolizing power and profit. Paine felt that an institution is not necessary for the human mind to comprehend their rights and the universe overall. Only human reasoning is needed for people to come upon natural laws and privileges of mankind in the world. Therefore, the age of reason became a time of debate that still endures to this day. Due to his stance on the fight for human freedom and liberty, most of his advocates avoided him. Without Thomas Paine, the American nation would not have thrived so incredibly.

Age of reason was a time that people noted the beliefs in the ability of reason to uncover the truth. Paine discerned that men who were still loyal to the colonial rule were the worst men, weak at heart. They do not have any grasp of what is good about their lives and do not appreciate the blessings of life. He recognized that those loyalists do not retaliate even when persecuted by the British. On the other hand, Benjamin condems the laziness more because laziness and idleness are the very opposite of what he always stoves to develop his life. He compares the idle men in the society to a hog, affirming that those people that are lazy are good for nothing (Wilson, 700-702). Unlike Pine, Benjamin does not fight the revolutionary war or politics more because he was attempting to showcase the great things about every human being in America.

Although Franklin and Paine are opposite on how they reach the whole idea on building a foundation of freedom and liberty in the society, both are a result of enlightenment. They both were inspired to make new development in public institutions. This is possibly the reason as to why they all both had interest in each other. They both had a fascination in enlightening the world to free society from colonial rule. They both felt that humans should be able to either rule themselves or make self-development. America has an amazing history of revolution and liberation. Many people and events have helped give rise to the molding of the nation that we know today. The forefathers, Benjamin, and Thomas both pioneered the establishment of society and government that would ensure unalienable rights for the Americans and people from all walks of life. American People are therefore prompted to enjoy real life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

In conclusion, Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin were both different in their fight for liberty. Paine’s main interest and contribution involved in politics. He believed that Americans had a natural right to make a government of their won. Franklin, on the other hand, gave rise to the revolution through increasing confidence of humanity through personal efforts and social reforms disclosing the optimism and self-confidence of his life.


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