Tao Te Ching: A Guide to Tao Ideology

February 9, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Taoist teachings are ones based mostly around balance of things in this world and explained with concepts that are not as rational as other philosophies. Taoism doesn’t look to give concrete answers though has similar concepts to other philosophies such as “ming” which is a complete enlightenment reached when yin and yang are balanced, though this cannot ever be explained by rational thought. Tai chi are physical movements similar to that of yoga that are used to bring about peace and balance. Much like the Brahmin of Hinduism the order of things in Taoism is what is called Tai Chi, things are believed to have a natural and required balance called wuwei that occurs when you just let things happen.

Ideas of Taoism are highlighted most extensively in the Tao Te Ching, a collection of Taoist proverbs and teachings. Ideas of the Tao Te Ching are general and do not give rational teachings and lessons but rather general ones that are meant to be thought about and interpreted by oneself.

The fifth chapter of the Tao Te Ching covers the idea of the balance of neutrality and balance between good and evil. It demands in the last line to “hold onto the center”.An idea that you should stay grounded and consider both sides and also that you should allow natural flow or wuwei to carry you. Forcing yourself to follow what you see as good or bad from your own mindset may be flawed and you will probably inhibit yourself from seeing the whole truth of a situation. For example someone may place their ideas of right and wrong around religious teachings that condemn groups such as homosexuals or trans people and call these people “sinners” or bad people or unnatural where instead they should center themselves and judge people based on their actions instead of what they see at the surface and what someone else tells them is wrong. This chapter also says that “she welcomes sinners and saints”. Which seems to say that anyone is welcome to try to find balance regardless or society’s moral judgement of them. This creates a very welcoming teaching that really welcomes all as equals.

In the ninth chapter the idea of wuwei is covered very thoroughly, it says basically that if we chase things we will never be content and in quotation “Do your work, then step back.

The only path to serenity.” It goes against ideas of greed saying that if we take more than we need it will not leave us content “Fill your bowl to the brimand it will spill.” Following a natural flow to life and putting in the work we need to while not over working is taught. In my own life I came to college worried about making friends the forced ice breakers and events the college put on didn’t help me to make any friends but just going about my day doing laundry, walking to class, eating in the cafeteria I met people who are now my best friends and I did this by just following the flow of my own life.

Lastly the seventeenth chapter makes comments about how the government or leaders should be ones that work with the people and trusts the people to help do a good job along with them, stated here “If you don’t trust the people, you make them untrustworthy.” According to the Tai Te Ching leaders should not just be all talk they should act on the words they say” The Master doesn’t talk, he acts.” This chapter is one that very much coincides with the current state of the US and the candidates running for president. As we look for a politician who trusts the common people to do work themselves and in a natural flow should be rewarded for it, in a sense socialist government programs could contribute to wuwei.

I think the teachings of Taoism are ones that are very applicable and also very inviting. The idea of wuwei makes a lot of sense to me and of examples I can think of from my own life it seems to be an existent accurate thing. I know I am not living my life completely according to wuwei as sometimes I take more than I need and I worry more about the future than I should but living my life more according to it could greatly benefit me I think. Breaking more free from worries more so but still putting in my all seems like something that more effort should be put into.


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