Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

June 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

After a few days of the convention, The Declaration of Sentiments and resolutions was addressed and resolved. The Declaration argues that women are separated by the government and the society of which they are a part of and it insists women to be considered full citizens and to have the same rights as men (Cokely). The Declaration of Sentiments was written by Stanton and it had a similar fashion as the Declaration of independence with 12 resolutions, but Stanton included that women is men’s equal (Bogue).

She would not stop explaining the similarities between women and men until everyone started believing what the government and society is doing to women. After this event, there was declared Women’s Equality Day. Since Stanton spoke out against the laws of the social, civil and religious condition and rights of woman in Seneca Falls, N.Y, the convention became very popular and women hit a very big milestone in history.

The 19th Amendment guarantees women the right to vote. Achieving this milestone required a difficult struggle. Beginning in the mid-19th century, several generations of woman suffrage supporters, such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, lectured, wrote, marched, lobbied, and practiced civil disobedience to achieve what many Americans considered a radical change of the Constitution. Eventually, the House of Representatives passed the amendment, and 2 weeks later, the Senate followed (19th). It took women since the 1800s to get the 19th amendment ratified and this happened about 120 years later. In the 1800s, Susan B. Anthony picketed to win the right to vote. When Anthony gave her speech in 1873 she questioned herself about if she’s really a person or women persons because being persons, then, women are citizens; and no state has a right to make any law, or to enforce any old law, thar shall abridge their privileges or immunities (Anthony). She made it very clear that women are people too and should not be subjected by gender. Also, she showed everyone that the government should not make laws that are against women, race, or any diversity. Women are different from men physically, but some women are smarter and can handle the jobs men do. After her speeches, more women wanted to have this right and pitched in to help. We had decades of women fighting for the right to vote. A few years before 1920, almost all women and major suffragists were united behind the goal to have women’s rights. At the time Wilson was president and he became on board and changed his position to support the women and the amendment. With Anthony and Stanton starting this years long work to fight for women’s rights, the 19th Amendment finally got ratified in 1920 and changing american culture forever.

Stanton also showed her determination with wanting to accomplish this goal. Now the coming 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920 is going to take place in a few years (Gordon). Stanton made all of this possible by her bravery and dedication to women. Without a leader like her to guide us in the right direction, women may still not have equal rights to men and we would not know how to fight it. She vowed that it shall come to pass afterwards, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and you daughters shall prophesy (Stanton). She made it her mission to make the younger generation learn about how women should have the rights like men do. She wanted to make sure women became confident enough in themselves to fight for what they believe to be right. With her efforts, people continued to fight for women’s rights until her goal was accomplished and after the goal was accomplished women still fought for their rights until the world knew how strong they all were when they worked together.

Voting is important in the United States because its shows that we are united that allows us to vote for whose best for running our country. Women were denied the right to vote for years because men and the government felt that they were not an important part of decision making in America. They believed women were already busy with raising children, taking care of the home, and bring like a slave to our husbands. They all thought women could not handle the pressure of voting. Also, women were excluded from many jobs and educational opportunities because men could not think they could handle it. Over the past 100 years women have proven them wrong and they will continue to do things superior to men. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton both started this outreach for women back in the 1800s. Sadly, they ended up passing in the early 1900s, but their legacy remains. Their actions affected the events in the 1920s and they were the key for other women to have the courage to pursue what they would have wanted. In today’s world the laws created and the right established are still put into effect. They both made women’s suffrage grow and by the 1920s the right of women to vote became reality with the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

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