State of Union Essay: Analysis Essay

September 2, 2022 by Essay Writer

On February 2, 2018, Donald John Trump gave his first State of the Union address in which enlightened his promises to America and the success in which he attained within his first year of presidency. Before Donald Trump became president, he went under harsh criticism and speculations due to his attitude when about immigrants and opportunities they were taking away from hard-working Americans. Since his presidency, Trump remained highly criticized and acknowledged as a racist to the eyes of divided Americans in which were against or for Trump. However, after Trump’s Union Address, news coverage outlets such as The Washington Post have acknowledged Trump’s speech as an 8.5 because of his statement ¨Americans are dreamers too¨. Giving emphasis to the high opportunities Americans can have. After Trump’s speech news outlet CNN created an article in which depicted the faults in Trump’s speech. For one Trump attempted to bring forth a call to action which lacked depth and deposition. Within Trump’s call to action he made multiple attempts to unite Congress and the country by stating. Together we can achieve anything’ CNN. Presidential leader Trump a symbol to the American eye lead on to communicate the power of the United States and it is symbolic meaning for the people. However, Trump’s intentions of actually fulfilling to his call could be expressed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s facial expressions during the time of his statement.

Making bland and disapproving facial expressions during the time of Trump’s statement signify the likely of Trump filing an action.Within the duration of his speech, Trump noted tasks that he has accomplishments such as employee bonuses. As stated by The Guardian news outlet ¨several large corporations, such as Apple, Bank of America and Walmart, gave thousands of minimum-wage employees bonuses in the range of hundreds to a few thousand dollars¨. Trump’s effort to aid Americans in the line of employment has been fundamental with expectations of corporations such as Walmart and Apple contributing to American workers income. Ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars in which benefit both companies and workers due to reduced taxes. Trump also notes since his presidency that he has helped aid over 2.4 million new jobs to Americans and over 200,000 jobs in manufacturing alone. Trump’s acts of the president of the United States have been extraordinary with the rise in wages and his efforts to give low paid Americans new jobs and opportunities.During Trump’s Union speech the topic of immigration brought attention to many news outlets such as First Post giving various feedbacks of the negatives to Trump’s four pillar plan. Donald Trump has advocated plans to deal with illegal immigrants because of the opportunities that they are taking away from Americans.

Trump’s four pillar plan calls for only 1.8 million of illegal immigrants wanting legal citizenship obtained. First Post described Trump’s plan as being ¨one where nobody gets everything they want, but where the country gets the critical reforms it needs’. Enticing the good it will only do for the United States economy and not the good to the people.In the one year of Trump’s presidency, America has had it is ups and downs. The phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ underlies a whole other meaning. America most primarily known as the land of the free encourages others to enter the United States and understand the in-depth meaning of freedom. Trump’s message to ‘Make America Great Again’ tackles obstacles America once faced in it is beginning phases. In Attempts to make America prosper, Trump has aided Americans with new laws and regulations in which benefit the minority of middle to lower class Americans. Donald Trump, the forty-fifth president continues with his plans in which he believes will truly define the message of America and for what made it so great.

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