Romeo And Juliet: Benvolio’S Diary

January 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

Benvolio’s Diary ( Act 1 scenes 1-3)

Entry #1What a day it has been, maybe my family was right to suggest that I should start writing a diary. So far my life hasn’t been at all that interesting, although this morning perhaps changed my mind. So for now, I will go along with the idea. My day started off fairly normal, I was peacefully strolling through the streets of Verona when I caught sight of Gregory and Sampson two servants from my noble house Montague fighting with two servants from the house of Capulet our greatest enemy.

Again members of house Capulet have dared to raise their swords at my family. I arrived just in time and tried to stop the fight from escalating into something bigger but then came Tybalt who drew his sword and accused me of being cowardly for not fighting and instead preaching of peace. Fools the lot of them, I say. What was at first a small fight between four men soon turned into a brawl with people from each house joining from the streets and screaming their hatred at each other. It took the Prince, no less, to separate them and stop the fight, and even that on pain of death should it ever occur again. As if I haven’t got enough on my plate I also have to deal with the distraught and emotional Romeo who is deep in his sorrows at of his rejection by Rosaline, a woman who swore a vow of celibacy. He has got his mind in a right depressed state. Rarely coming out of his room and when he does I can see the dark circles underneath his swollen eyes, hinting at restless nights and relentless crying. As if sent by god Mercutio appeared and told us of the ball the house of Capulet would be hosting. I instantly saw this as an opportunity for Romeo to see that there were other beautiful women out there and suggested we all go. This is all the time I have to write before I get dressed for the party, we will see how it goes, until then goodbye.

Entry #2 ( Act 1 scenes 4-5)

We were all relatively excited to go to the party alhough I had some concerns about the fact that it was a Capulets party, and should Romeo fall in love with a Capulet it would cause more trouble than it’s worth. The tensions are already high as it is. But by the time we got there it was too late to turn back and so we walked in unknowing of what would take place. At the party, we split up, and I did not see Mercutio or Romeo all night, except for a few glimpses of their figures dancing around the compound. Such as when I caught a glimpse of Romeo with a girl, by the looks the only daughter of the house Capulet, they even appeared to be kissing. I had an inkling something like this would happen. God forbid the houses to find out or we may all die as the houses will surely seek revenge. But perhaps it was worth it, to see the light shine in Romeo’s eyes as he once again found something to live for.

For the rest of the night time flew by, and by the time I looked out of one of the articulary decorated windows the pale moonlight was shining down upon us. i decided it was time for ust o eave before somebody found our rel identities and trouble broke out. I spotted Mercutio on my way out, but Romeo was nowehere to be seen. As me and Mercutio where mking our way out the door on a thin spinely ppath I thought I saw a shadow of Romeo snkeaking across the Capulets orchid. I called out to him, but was treated with silnce and so dismissed the thought. Mercutio didnt seem at all worried, probably due to the amount of alcohol he had drnk this eveening and his as usual lid back persona. And so we made our way home, the pale moonlight shining the wy for us, but not being able to get rid of the doubt hiding in my mind.

Entry #3 ( Act 2 scenes 1-6)

Turns out I was right to be worried. Ever since last night I’d been wondering as to where Romeo took off last night. I asked his father, who claimed he had no knowledge of Romeo ever coming back to the house. Before I had time Romeo appeared around the corner, looking as if he didn’t get a second of sleep last night. He claimed he had some ‘important business’ to attend to. I immediately assumed it to have some involvement with a lady and was overjoyed that Romeo finally showed signs of getting over Rosaline. Perhaps it was that girl he was with yesterday.

He and Mercutio even had a witty verbal jousting, perhaps things could go back to normal. But not long after came the nurse, trailed by the servant of house Capulet peter, immediately putting me on edge. Mercutio ever the impulsive man displayed his impolite and rude side by insinuating that she was a harlot. The nurse infuriated took Romeo aside to have a word with him, far away from us preventing us from hearing a word. The fact that Romeo wasn’t looking to share any information with us that much more curious and adamdent to find out what he was hiding. Sooner or later I will find out, as Romeo never could lie anyway.

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