Robinson and his Friday: How Does Robinson Crusoe Treat Friday

May 26, 2021 by Essay Writer

Robinson Crusoe is a young Englishman from York. His father wants him to study for counsel and live a quiet life, but the young man wishes to pursue an existence of adventures. After a couple of failed attempts to enlist in the crew of a ship, he finally manages to embark to Guinea on one’s crew. On one of the trips they suffer the attack of a Turkish Corsair who takes Robinson as a slave; But after a while, Crusoe manages to escape, and embark on a Portuguese ship to Brazil. He resides in Brazil as a landowner for a while, and manages to Irle well.

On a trip to Africa to buy more slaves, his ship wrecks, and Crusoe manages to reach an island near the mouth of the Orinoco River. He realizes that he was the only survivor, and that the shipwreck was among the rocks near the coast. He began to swim to the wreck of the ship to rescue what would be useful: weapons, appliances, food and even some animals. He did this until the ship was finished sinking. With the recovered and with the materials of the environment, Robinson Crusoe was made of a residence as to his taste and customs as one could. He cultivated cereals and ate the meat he was hunting. On a certain occasion he became ill, and the trance of fevers made him rediscover his religious faith. The years went by, and sometimes he resented solitude, so that he sometimes explored the island, as much as he could. In one of the explorations, he discovers human footprints.Following them it is found that they belong to a group of natives who captured prisoners to cook them and to eat them. In fact, they had a prisoner for a young man who managed to escape before he was killed.

Crusoe helps the young man, killing his persecutors. From there he takes it to his service, calling it Friday.Crusoe and Friday begin to build a light boat to escape the island, but they see that the cannibals had two more prisoners who were going to eat. They rescue them, and they see that one was the father of Friday, and the other a Spanish sailor. This one tells them that there are more prisoners on Cannibal Island. They decide to rescue them. The rescued prisoners turned out to be sailors from a ship where there was a mutiny. Robinson and his new allies manage to recover the ship, leaving the mutineers on the deserted island not to be hanged in England. Crusoe manages to return to his country with Friday, and recover his properties in Brazil, after having been missing for more than 28 years. Conclusion What i think about this book is that: Its a very interesting book but in some pages it repeats the same thing.

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