Rhetorical Analysis of Nike Advertisement Free Essay Example

September 3, 2021 by Essay Writer

According to Faigley and Selzer rhetorical analysis can be specified as “an effort to comprehend how people try to affect others through language and more broadly every kind of important symbolic action.” In other words rhetoric is a language developed to have a convincing or excellent result on its audience in order for a goal to be met. The history of persuasion can be dated back to Ancient Greeks and Aristotle who were the very first known to have actually studied reasoning and persuasion.

These are methods still greatly used in modern society today whether it remain in every day discussion or in advertisements on television. All frequently in modern American society business use a group of attract encourage an audience. These really efficient appeals are understood as values, pathos and logo designs. Using these appeals, one can catch the audiences’ feeling all in an attempt to persuade an audience to purchase into what they are stating and purchase a product.

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As a college professional athlete I discover myself paying attention to athletic commercials and advertisements.

The example that will be used for this assignment will be the Nike ad “Strut”. In this ad the product Nike is trying to persuade the audience to purchase is an all conditioned gear shoe. This is an item that Nike claims will not just meet the need of the daily professional athlete however likewise the professional athlete that is touch with nature and enjoys to be outdoors. According to the advertisement Nike has produced a shoe that is a requirement for any outdoorsman who is in touch with nature.

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The ad specifies “Do not pity the trout, get in there with it.

This ad is a prime example of Nike using the appeals of principles, pathos and logo designs to persuade an audience to buy a product. Carter pg 2 Values according to Merriam-Webster is the “distinguishing character, sentiment, ethical nature, or guiding beliefs of an individual, group, or organization.” The facility of ethos is extremely essential in today’s society due to the fact that there are numerous choices to select from when analyzing and purchasing a product. The good idea for Nike is that they have developed themselves as a top of the line athletic brand name for many years which allow their principles to be trustworthy in a lot of arenas.

Ethos is established in this ad through name brand recognition and the claim that the ACG Nike shoe will allow you to walk with fish. This is a claim that suggests that anyone that loves rivers, creeks, lakes and being one with nature will benefit from owning a pair of these shoes. The ad portrays a symbolic meaning when you analyze the creation of the camouflage green color of the word Strut as well as the layers of moss that hang from the word. This suggest in principle that this is a durable shoe specifically made for wet terrain and the outdoors.

This ad from an aesthetic point does a great job of appealing to anyone Carter pg. 3 the nature loving outdoorsman. The ad also states “We’ve evolved a lot in 20 years” and that also provides credible ethos because it shows longevity in the process of the study to make the perfect shoe for someone who loves being outdoors. This will establish trust for a perspective buyer. Pathos can be seen in this ad as well. Nike does a good job evoking emotion and pity in this ad. Nike states, “But don’t pity the trout, get in there with it and walk hand and fin”.

Nike is trying to imply that because a trout can’t jump from rock to rock or climb mountains if you buy these shoes you can now have fun with the trout instead of feeling sorry for the creature that can only swim. The use of emotion is very effective in this ad because it gives the reader a sense of pity. Pity is a great play on ones emotions to buy a product. If one loves the outdoors Nike has drawn on their emotion to play with the fish because the fish cannot play with them.

The ad also uses the term “Amphibiously yours” in the closing of the letter to potential buyers. This is a very creative and polite way to let people further know that Nike supports and understands the need of an outdoorsman. Even though the ad was more focused on other appeals it does throw in a logical claim to appeal to those in need of logos in order to make a decision to purchase. The ad states that “because you are wearing the Nike ACG blazerboot that means your feet have gills that breathe water in and drain it right back out again.

By making that statement Nike is playing on its design of a shoe that has “fins” which will make it easier to handle what nature puts in front of anyone wearing this shoe. Logos comes in play when a company speaks on a design and how it will benefit the consumer. It does this by noting the gill like design in the shoe which enables water to enter and exit the shoe efficiently while running through water. This is a claim by Nike that this ACG blazerboot will enable the consumer to venture through all terrains no matter if it’s dry or wet.


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