Research Essay About Lying In A Relationship

May 11, 2022 by Essay Writer

Everyone has lied and has been lied too. Lies often start as self-preservation but generally turn to self-destruction. Being lied to is one of the most frustrating feelings, especially when it’s coming from someone they really care and love such as their partner and their best friend. In people’s daily lives, they meet many liars normally which people who lie to them maybe their best friend or their partner. Their lies may not always be bad, but they may lie for their own benefits. Then if the people who got lie on becoming a liar, they lie so often to their partners and their partners know. What will happen? Therefore, it is important to always tell the truth, no matter what the situation is. So that your partner is comfortable and no conflict with each other.

The purpose of this research essay is to find couples who had an experience of lying to their partner very often and if their partner knew that they are lying often, what do they think their partner will do and how do they apologize to them. This research is important to help the couples understand about each other why they have to lie. It also can help them adjust their understanding of their lies and negotiate to find the best solution. The author also uses three academic articles from various sources to relate the results and interpretation of the survey to other research studies.

The questions asked: “why they have to lie to their partner? how often do them lie? and how do they apologize to their partner if their partner know?” The choices of first questions are to protect yourself, to escape punishment, to promote yourself, to help another person, for the benefits of your partner, for help your partner does not think too much, and other. There is a total of 54 students who took the survey. The figure 1 shows that 50% of people between the ages of 15-24 chose the most is to help your partner not think too much. Followed by to protect yourself which is 13.5%, the benefits of your partner and to help another person have the same percentage which is 9.6%. For the rest of 26.9% is other different opinions.

The choices of the second question are never, sometimes, always, often and others. It shows that 81.1% of the most selected choice is sometimes. Followed by often with percentages of 15.1%, 3.8% of never and every time I talk with him, and no one chooses the option never.

There are no choices for the last question but provide to enter the answers based on personal opinions in the form of short answer. Research shows that 6 people or 12% of the most similar opinion is say sorry. Followed by telling the truth, apologize with percentages of 10% (5 people), 6% (3 people) respectively. For the rest of 72% of other different opinions.

Some couples may think that lying is difficult to forgive because every couple when being lied from their partner that they love and trust is difficult to give the trust back to be the same. Secrets and lies can cause the trust to be destroyed. Not for every couple will break up after prevarication, some couples may have one person that is resistant to lying, even knowing that their lover is lying to avoid disunity. They do like this because they really love their partner. Recruiting words to apologize may not help as much as when they recruit a story to lie. Many couples try to find a lie often without remorse and regardless of the other party how they felt when they were often lied to. Most often come to repent after being caught which is too late. Apologies may not help as much as making it happen. Most couples don’t want to have just only an apology from the mouth of their lover but want them to act in order to know that they really feel guilty.

This research essay concludes that most people trust that love in adolescence may not be as stable as working-age love because teenagers are in the age of not thinking carefully. This actually happens more than 70% but not for every couple that is going to happen like this. There are some couples who love each since teenagers until the present day. Therefore, if you want to have beautiful and bright love then trust and be honest in love. 

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