Rescue Of The Trapped Boys in Thai Jungle

June 12, 2022 by Essay Writer

This is the headlines of the article that I am about to summarise. This article is published by The Star newspaper which was reported on Friday, 6th of July 2018 around 6.26PM. The article is reported by Panu Wongcaum together with Patpitcha Tanakasempipat, Thailand journalist, and written by John Geddie.

This article is summarized into the rescue team that continues the rescue mission to save the 12 boys and their football coach who has been trapped in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave for almost 2 weeks. However the continues heavy rain and the forecast of the weather had feared the rescue team to save the boys and their coach through the water-logged passageways from the cave because some of the boys are as young as 11 years old and aren’t strong divers nor swimmers. Helicopters flew above the dense mountains to search for an alternative route. The British divers together with the other rescuers had focused in a solution – draining out the flooded cave to make it easier for the divers to save the victims. Unexpectedly on the very day, the former Thai Navy Seal, Saman Kunan, died during his mission to place the oxygen tank along the route without realising he ran out of his own oxygen supply. As the mission was going on, drilling down the cave to find an alternate exit had been in plan. However such act and action could lead to greater danger to the boys who are trapped in there. The limestone that had been drilled could block narrow passage-way for the divers to rescue the victims. During the call for the nation to support the rescuers had been made by the Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-och, Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur from Space X and The Boring Company dropped to Thailand to lend a hand in this operation. With the support of the Thai’s Prime Minister, Elon Musk decides to help with location tracking, water pumping and battery supply. On the other hand, the relatives and their compassionate family who were in tears and fear for their children trapped in the cave, said that all they want is the safest exit for their children. The families of the victim camped at the side of the cave chanting their prayers for weeks.

This summarize article is only a part of the mission. However the complete rescue operation from the very first day that they were found till the last day where all the 13 victims were rescued took nearly 18 days. The purpose of this article is to create awareness to the public on human values. Knowing the risk and the danger that they will have to face during this operation, the rescue team and the authorities did not think twice to save the 13 victims and took the right decision to rescue them without putting their lives in danger. This shows us how the Thailand Army and the British divers valued and cared for the lives 12 boys and their coach. Besides creating awareness to public on human lives, there are many other values that as a reader we can learn from this article. For an example, from the citizen to the minister had come to the site to lend a hand and to support the rescuers in many ways. US military together with 3 expert British divers had come together to help the Thai rescue team. Makeshift shrines are made for the families of the victim to offer their prayers, a doctor with cave-diving experience also took the risk to go into the chamber to approve the boys’ health condition. The villagers and the food vendors around there too helped in this mission by preparing food and drinks for the entire rescue team. Next, from this article we can see and learn the amount of dedication and hard work the team has kept forth on this mission. Looking at the challenges that they had to go through to save these 13 victims was not something that they had even thought about as there were many other external factors that they had to consider about. For an instants, the continues rain that had cause the rise of water in the cave , the narrow passage that they had to go through and the lack of oxygen level in the cave. As an army of the country, they were so dedicated in this mission to the extent of sacrificing their life-Saman Kunan. In a very short time tough and quick decision were made to succeed this operation. Rescuers even conducted practice drills to safely evacuate the boys.

Moreover , the most important lesson that we as readers have to ponder on is the team work that they had even though this mission involves other nation. The team work has been shown in this entire mission especially when they we evacuating the boys out of the cave. Round – the – clock pumping out water from the cave had made some passage way walkable by the rescuers. Each boy was to be accompanied by two divers. Each boy wore full diving suit from the mask, helmet, boots and wetsuit were accompanied by two navy divers, the front one carrying the boy’s oxygen tank. They were guided by the 8mm static rope which was connected in the cave and each boy in turn was tethered to the lead navy diver. Without such team work and cooperation this mission would not have be a success. In the end, all the 13 lives were saved and were brought to the hospital to be kept in isolation for seven days to avoid infections. A huge respect too had been paid to the late Saman Kunan by the people of Thailand.

To wrap it up, there is one word that I can describe about these boys – they are all very courageous as they remained calm in the cave for 10 days till the rescuers found them. Despite feeling astonished and proud of the braveness of both, the rescuers and the boys, I too feel sympathy for the family of the late Saman Kunan.

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