Report: Kant’s “Enlightenment” Report

March 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

This paper is both descriptive and explanatory. It is a description of Kant’s essay about knowledge. The writer begins with a summary of the whole essay’s contents. He distinguishes between an individual and society. Additionally, he introduces the concept of a monarch at this point. This helps to set the pace of the essay. It is a good beginning, and the writer deserves credit for the introduction.

The writer needs to be confident in his argument. The use of “as Kant argues” several times is an indication of uncertainty. He sounds unsure of what his argument is and whether it is concrete. The paper quotes Kant many times, but the implications of these quotes do not come out clearly. The writer should be more specific.

Grammar and writing style also need slight improvement. The writer begins sentences with words such as “from, as, even, because, at” and “to”. This mistake is common in writing.

He should try to begin sentences with articles or pronouns. This way, the paper will sound academic. Currently, it sounds more like spoken English than written English. This is a major flaw in this paper. The following paragraph is an example of how wanting the writer’s grammar is.

Of course, while the monarch remains enlightened and the public not, the public must receive as less treatment than the monarch must. To accomplish this goal, Kant claims the monarch must have “no fear of phantoms” and “a well-disciplined and vibrant army to guarantee public security”.

Until every member of the public discovers his ability to reason, the monarch must serve as the means from which people learn. First, the monarch learns about Frederick the great and feels obligated to escape the public criticism.”

He should learn not to present is arguments as absolute truths. The use of “of course” indicates that this is an absolute truth when in reality it is the writer’s opinion. It also prevents any other opinions from being presented. Poor sentence structure impairs a reader’s ability to understand the paper.

The final sentence of this paragraph begins with a lowercase sentence. This is a minor oversight but it indicates carelessness on the writer’s side. Such mistakes can be avoided by simply proofreading the paper before turning it in.

The writer has concluded his paper in a commendable way. He states that all the paradoxes can be resolved. He proceeds to explain how they can be resolved. There is also a description of the consequences of this resolution. Finally, the writer points out that the role of the monarch ends when the people get enlightened.

The writer’s argument has developed properly from the beginning to the end. He starts by describing knowledge. The writer distinguishes the roles of doctors, clergymen and soldiers.

He also points out the monarch’s independence. He states that the monarch has no need to obey any of his subjects. The qualification for becoming a monarch is knowledge. A monarch is obligated to facilitate the rest of the monarchy’s knowledge process. When he does, he fulfils his duty.

The writer needs to address three major issues prior to submitting this paper. The first and most obvious is grammar and sentence structure. He should re-write all the sentences that do not begin with an article or pronoun. Secondly, he should capitalize the first letter of each sentence. Finally, the writer should avoid over-using the word “paradox”.

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