Reasons Why Society Has A Big Part In Poetry

February 9, 2021 by Essay Writer

Someone once said “poetry is my view on the world. The reasons that society makes a big part are feeling and perspective.

The reason being is because when something happens in the world it makes people feel a certain way about it. For example back in the day when women couldn’t vote it made them feel a certain way so they did a protest. A protest isn’t a poem but it is a good example of how society made women feel some type of way. When reading a poem some tend to give their emotions using words that rhyme to give a message or to get their point across. Another example of how feelings are expressed is whenever people who go through something happy in life usually make a quote. by these people making quotes, it is letting someone else read it and also feel the Emotion in the story or quote. Without society poems really couldn’t be made because in order to create a poem there has to be some sort of emotion or feelings towards an action.

When it comes to perspective a poet usually writes about their output on how they see something. For example, in the melting pot, the poet basically told the reader what they thought about America in their own words. Different people think different things about a topic But they put their words in a perspective for people to think. In the melting pot, they explained how America was liberty and they also explained different things about America that didn’t agree with others.

Even if it’s something everyone doesn’t agree on the way it is reading to make people think about society and how it made the person feel this way about it.

In the poem obstacles, the writer wrote about women’s suffrage in the poem the writer stated facts about suffrage but also the opinion of suffrage. suffrage is part of society so therefore society is giving an influence on the poem.

Without society, a poem wouldn’t be able to be expressed in a way for people to actually understand where the writer is coming from. Everyone knows about society so therefore everyone can put in input into what they think about it if a person doesn’t agree with the poem it’s usually because they have a different approach to society or their surroundings. In conclusion, society always plays a big part in poetry Because the lookout society there would be no poultry and without society, there will be no references because in lookout society there would be no poetry and without society there Would be no references or emotions upon their thought.


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