Reader & Writer Relationship: Why They Need Each Other

September 10, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Reader and Writer Relationship

The Connotation Bond of the Reader – Writer

“Life is all about relationships”. Even before birth human creates a relationship with his or her mother inevitably. To human’s relationships just happen, even thought that they aren’t looking for it because humans are meant to create relationships with others surrounds them. Love is an important emotion for humans and a great builder of relationships. People try really hard all the time to relate this emotion to others; however, not always it is well received or accepted or even is not sufficiently valued by others thereby causing different open forms of interpretations and prompting numerous issues and misunderstandings. This concept can be applied not just for love but also to different relationships that can be created by humans like the reader and writer relationship is a great example since not always isn’t easy as love. The reader and writer confront different levels of communication and expectation issues that lead it to have uncountable discrepancies that may result in advantages or disadvantages to the relationship between the two.

Men and women are different in so many aspects that are hard to list all the differences but if the focus remains in one of the important problems that men and women have it’s easier to point out some facts and explanations. Communication is the main problem and hardest issue that men and women have. Men and women are taught in different ways to be and becoming completely different cultures. In this scenario “Louise and Jake are having an argument “It can’t be simple because Louise and Jake are responding to different levels of communication” (Tannen 131). Neither aren’t paying attention nor listening to each other concentrating on their own ideas. They can’t have an agreement because meanwhile Jake is focusing on what he considers is the main point of the argument Louise is on another level of communication trying to explain another part or point of the issue. This conversation shows how Louise is trying to make Jake understand the main or ‘real’ point of why they are having this argument. Readers sometimes as well focusing another part, piece or issue presented on what he or she is reading maybe not paying enough attention to the point that the writer is trying to make. On the other hand, the writer should be able to make his or her point of view as clear as possible and the reader should read deeply and try to interpret better what they are reading. For example, if the writer is using metamessages to hide a deeper meaning for the reader but doesn’t use the right words or enough explanation will be hard for the reader to identify that message.

Society has design specific tasks and behaviors to separate males and females making them two completely different individuals. “These cultural differences include different expectations about the role of talk in relationships and how it fulfills that role” (Tannen 125). Men and Women are expressed as different worlds or as different cultures as the passages convey, so they might have different expectations of every aspect of life because they are taught to think and to aspire to different things making their achievements follow a different path in life. Writers sometimes concentrate so much in the topic and facts that they are writing about that they forget what type of public or audience they might have and then their metamessage or literal message is misunderstanding because maybe the reader is not at the same level of communication as the writer is. So, to the writer should be a goal to fulfill the readers expectations or the needs they have as well as the reader who sometimes choose an author a little bit up than what hey are costumed to is basically just to know their limits. For example, a third-grade child can’t read a calculus book from high school because is inappropriate to their intellect, experience, and age. The writer should make sure to whom he or she is referring to using appropriate vocabulary and assumptions and phrases that the future reader will agree with.

In life, there’s so many occasion and situations and it defers how everyone reacts but the way that men and women react to those moments are it is quite a huge difference. As already explained women tends to use metamessages to communicate their points and men use literal messages creating an imbalance between the two. “The men were focusing on the message the cake as food. The women were thinking of the metamessage: Serving a special cake frames an occasion as a celebration” (Tannen128). The women were reacting to the occasion symbolizing the cake as part of her vision and expectation of the moment meanwhile the men was focusing on the fact that the cake, in this case, was useless because of the circumstances. Readers and writers have similar issues when the writer is unaware of their own public or their own weaknesses for sorting topics or also when the writer isn’t communicating his point clearly that maybe might be her or he blind spot making really hard to reader to achieve the main point or idea and sometimes just the reader can notice those weak spots. For example, is hard when a professor use a high level of communication or words to speak to their students who maybe are not enough prepare to understand that level of communication, so then his point will be unclear and misunderstand; however, he won’t notice that this is happening just the student who is paying attention is the one who concern. Therefore, the writer should pay more attention to those weaknesses in a topic or be aware or the type of audience he or she will present their work making as clear as possible and the reader at the moment to pick a writer should be aware of the type of communication of level that the writer might have and get prepared or have a source to get help.

Peggy McIntosh explains in her essay “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” how society hide direct examples of racism making them invisible or noticeable to everyone showing how she as withe person had been benefiting from the system showing and untaught journey to show how this is real and affects everyone and she point out how being white it is a privilege and unearned power putting others on disadvantages before they even born basing just in the color of their skin. “Privilege can look like strength when it is in fact permission to escape or to dominate” (McIntosh). Power is always related to dominating or control over others. Power it shows strength, so I’m strong over others when privilege reflects on sort situations when I look bigger than I am. Readers or writers might have different privileges among them that are their advantages when the moment arises and can look like are their strength. It seems that they dominate every aspect looking like they cannot give any chance among them to take advantage among the other advantage; for example, the writer can choose the shape of their writing or choose their public that’s a privilege that they own that looks like their strength over the reader, but the reader can also choose the author and the content they are interested in being an advantage over the writer. Always there will be moments where either one the reader or the writer will have their advantage; however, both should be on the same level of communication to understand either assumptions or opinions but is each to take advantage of the other advantage because is hard to change diverse situations so is better to take the positive part of every aspect.

When something is been part of someone it’s challenging to express what’s right or wrong because people just been there they are just growing on that system. “It is hard to disentangle aspects of unearned advantage” (McIntosh). When it comes to explains something to someone who has grown in a determinate situation is hard to express those aspects or ideas that maybe they haven’t seen before especially because how they couldn’t notice it before if they been on it probably their whole life is simple because they are the system; for example, how to teach a children about peace and fearless when the children has been exposed their entire life to bad habits and domestic violence. Readers and writers might have the same problem its hard to tell the weaknesses of either one when maybe they had been practicing the same scheme for a long time are something that they are used to it so is hard to point out facts that are not right or they are committing a huge or small mistake. It’s possible that they didn’t notice it before and maybe if they change the way they know maybe will change them completely. The writers and readers should be an open-minded is a crucial thing nowadays. Open to different possibilities can come from just one aspect like what’s the real position someone takes the front of something or how to express accordantly to situations.

The system that runs on society never tells directly to everyone that they haven’t tried enough to eradicate racism because they need racism to work. “I was taught to recognize racism only in individual acts of meanness by members of my group” (McIntosh). People knows that racism is there and society lets everyone to knows is still among us and that there are slightly different forms of dealing and work with it because society taught that just in specific moments when the racism appears or when we should call a specific acts racism because everything besides that is just the only way everything works and it should be the normal way to run the system. Readers and writers, in the same way, they won’t be able to recognize their advantage or privilege on present situations because they had been taught that it is acceptable and normal or abnormal sort things they don’t have that specific options to decide on their own. Things happen all the time in specific situations where a necessary action is needed. At the moment the writer composes their writing or the reader decides to take any work to read the writer as well as the reader should try to recognize by their own when they are on an point where their power that maybe might control at the moment of any taken decision or in a situation where they are able to see how they advantage over the reader trying, at least, to be fair or create a balance where both parts are benefit; in fact, the writer can understand and have a full idea of their main point of their writing considering that maybe the reader might not have the same understanding so the writer is ahead over the reader so is the writer provide enough examples, information and explanations to at least make the reader understand the central point and to guide the reader.

Society has taught the important fact that everything and everyone can be separate it by solid hierarchy nothing never can cross that invisible line; always there something or someone below and above. “We can handle things physically and mentally on the same level as men” (Zissou 4). Since society had created a solid barrier in our thinking is easy to relate things or people to sorting stereotypes or actions, and women are the biggest example of this hierarchy being below men all the time. Readers and writers follow the same type of rules because readers are underestimated all time in front writers; however, to be an excellent writer goes hand in hand be an excellent reader. “To be a significant writer you have to be a significant reader” (Darden). Readers and writers complement each other all the time because without one of them cannot have the other. For example, if the writer doesn’t have firm shape of background of information about the topic they want to write they won’t be able to write something completely valid because it does not know with certainty or precision what he or she is writing about and to get that information is by reading others work and reading about others experiences so at the end the writers must read to be a good writer. The writer should considerate always that the skill of write needs to be nurtured all the time with new fresh information by reading that the fact that readers and writers complement each other is important and is also important to know that reader also needs the writer.

Absolutely nobody is really prepared for life. The system that surrounds us is premade to those who are luckily chosen and design to belong in the upper class of the hierarchy of our society. Bryant Quinn highlight in her essay what involves she had learned and how it became her passion:

Every day, hardworking people were making mistakes and losing money, not because they were careless or dumb but because the system was designed to delude them. The massive unfairness of it all burned into my bones. I’ve lost that sense of outrage – my desire to help consumers make their way safely trough the jungle of Big money. (32)

She expresses the fact that most of the time the people who work the most and maybe does have the abilities and knowledge to manage themselves and their money are a knockout because they are no enough prepared to combat the system society have created. The system is created to take people money because of foolish reasons being unfair to those who really deserve not to lose. ”Finding good answers is one of the most satisfying things that I’ve ever done as a reporter” (Bryant Quinn 33). Occasionally is necessary to have a hint is this jungle of “Big Money” sort like a guide someone or something who has being through this situation had overcoming it. Sometimes the writer does not lack passion or abilities when she or he writes but maybe the system that they are exposed to or from where they learned wasn’t the best a make then confuse the way they place everything together or just doesn’t have the right guide to make them follow the right way; for example, in high school they teach students how to write a basic essay but in college you can’t even use that as a base because most of what the student is being taught are useless. The system should be fair and solid taking one step to another teaching to the student always the right way even though college is a higher level of education high schools should teach the premature writers the right base. The writer should be learn everything surround them and keep what’s more likely to be the right path as well as the reader should narrow all the knowledge they had and keep the basics and what’s really important.

To conclude, the reader – writer confront many issues having different expectations on meeting different advantages and disadvantages in their relationship. Any type of relationships is never easy. The reader and writer relationship also isn’t easy. But when the reader and writer don’t try to understand that before them are others the relationship between them just can fail. It is important to have many strategies when problems present. The reader and writer relationship may get better always if both try to meet the other needs on their relation. When the reader know and use their advantages over the writer and use them to complete the writer weaknesses the reader is trying to improve the relationship or when the writer understands he or she needs to read and to have a high background of information, vocabulary, and understanding about their topic to produce an exemplary job and about the audience the might have the writer then is thinking about the reader. The reader and writer need each other because without one or the other there’s no relationship.

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