Poetry Is A Unique Way Of Express What You Think And Feel

January 22, 2021 by Essay Writer

There is no doubt that poetry is important like any other form of art that would be important. This particular form of literature acts as a nexus of communication, enabling us to relay our emotions to the world and relate through the mutuality of shared experiences. So why poetry? I believe that poetry is the essence of language and language is a mirror of the soul. Poetry is able to deliver the full range of human experience and although it does not appeal to everybody, there are many people who use poetry as a form of therapy, escape, and entertainment. This is important to these people, as poetry provides them with value and joy, in the way that painting will provide that for others or even dancing. I find myself believing that everyone tends to pull out poems when it’s a wedding or a funeral and I feel like poetry should be a part of our everyday lives because poetry belongs to everybody.

Poetry is a unique way of working through what you think and feel in this real sort of powerful and concentrated way. Even when poets are writing light-hearted poems, they tend to look quite deep into themselves in the world around them and also maintain a sort of excitement about language and its possibilities. Poetry is this amazingly immersive insight into other people’s lives, minds, and cultures. These intuitions allow you to make connections over time and space with different people who have been writing, reading, and reciting poems for centuries. On the other hand, people also tend to turn to poems at difficult or momentous times in their lives, creating a sense of this ‘human need’ for poetry. Poetry also acts as a craft. So, when you get to the stage of writing a poem you work out which are the best words to use and what’s the best order for them. As a result, that sense of craft I think really helps people get to know and love language and feel ownership of it.

In conclusion, we need to spread over a wider public and appreciate the power and beauty of the written and spoken word through poetry. Poetry acts as a kind of everyday magic that anyone can practice and just slightly changes the world around you and all you need is a pen or keyboard. We all need to read poetry and when we come across a beautiful line, commit it to memory. In my opinion, this is the best way to truly understand a poem and this one act can help enhance and enrich our lives.


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