Picking Cotton’s Book Report: Jennifer Thompson-cannino, Erin Torneo and Ronald Cotton

January 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

In the prologue of Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton, Jennifer was at her daughters’ soccer game while her husband and son was out bonding. While she was at the game, Ronald and his daughter Raven showed up to watch Brittany’s game and to hang out with Jennifer.

In chapter one, Jennifer and Paul, her boyfriend at the time, had just got back from Pauls’ friends’ party where Jennifer started getting a headache behind her eyes. Since she wasn’t feeling well, Paul got her a glass of water and some aspirin and rubbed her back until she fell asleep. Paul slipped out while Jennifer was sleeping. A few hours after he left Jennifer woke up to the sound of feet shuffling. She looked around and didn’t see anything so she went back to sleep. Afterwards, she felt something gaze her arm. She covered her head then looked over next to her night stand and seen the top of someone’s head. She asked who was there. A man then sprung up and sat on her legs and held a knife to her neck. She was then raped at knifepoint.

In chapter two Jennifer left her apartment in Burlington and went to stay with her mom in Grandfather Mountain for a while. It was three days after her rape when the Burlington police called to have Jennifer come look at some pictures. Detective Gauldin layed down six photos of black males. “The pictures were dealt like card: six on top and six on the bottom.” Jennifer was told to take her time and study each picture carefully. She was able to pick which one she was positive was her rapist. Eleven days after her assault, Jennifer was called in to do a line up. There were seven guys lined up in front of her. She was told that her rapist may or may not be one of them. They went through the process of identification, then she was able to identify number five as her rapist. Afterwards Detective Gauldin told her that it was the same guy she has picked from the photos.

Through the process I was wandering why she just laid there when her rapist was sitting on her. Why didn’t she fight back? Why didn’t she leave to get help sooner? I also don’t understand why Paul asked her if she liked being raped. Why would anyone like being raped? It’s all just a terrifying process. I don’t know how she could remain so calm. I would be terrified if this had happened to me.

So far I really like this book. It’s interesting and it makes you want to read more when you put it down. I also came to the conclusion that Paul is a dick. He’s rude and conniving.

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