Obama and Romney’s plans for higher education Essay

January 16, 2021 by Essay Writer

Summary on President Obama and Romney’s plans for higher education

President Obama has proposed to spend more on higher education within the next 4 years. He focuses to increase the spending by 2.5% above the current budget. This raises the prospected education spending by 69.8 million dollars. This is a great offer according to the current economic status of the United States.

Obama’s focus is based on establishing new financial incentives that would help in supporting higher education institutions. In addition, he is also asking for billions of dollars to support some of colleges and universities facing financial instability. As a democrat, he would like to boost both the private and public sectors of economy to enhance financial provisions for higher education.

On the other hand, Romney plans to reduce higher education spending rate by applying various policies within the learning institutions. Some of these policies are based on the financial expenditure of the learning institutions.

According to Romney, limiting the federal dollar cost will minimize the budgetary costs of various institutions. Romney’s plans are based on limiting public expenditures while boosting the private sector. He also suggests that the banking policy should be changed so as to allow room for student lending. This can help in boosting institutions of higher learning.

Personal Opinion on the matter

Education is a critical provision for the growth of any country. The two aspirants have considerable plans for higher education systems in the United States despite their political differences. Obama has stronger plans compared to those of Romney. Romney plans to reduce the cost of a dollar in the federal government while boosting the private sectors of the government.

This can be detrimental to the higher educational sector. This can negatively affect the economic status of the United States. On the other hand, Obama plans to balance costs both from the private and public sectors of the government. This will enhance financial stability for higher education advancements.

One of the Romney’s plans seems to favor the higher education sector in the U.S. For instance, students will be offered bank loans to sort out their educational problems. This will create conducive environment for learning since all the learning materials will be availed to students.

Concurrently, Obama’s plans for the next four years will really boost institutions of higher education. Fundamentally, they will not only enjoy the increase in spending but also low cost of learning materials and activities. This is a considerable provision when scrutinized critically in the realms of education. It is important to spend wisely in the education sector. This can be enhanced by setting priorities right.

Research in any learning institution needs a lot of capital and once this is subsidized within the next four years, the quality of education will have been enhanced leading to production of skilled individuals in the society. Such people can perform their task to perfection. Obama is also determined in ensuring that job opportunities are created to intelligent students after completing their higher education.

This will help in curbing/reducing the crime rate in the United States. According to him, crimes are committed by idlers who are frustrated in life after completing their studies and cannot find jobs. Actually, this is the only way of making a living. The plans presented by President Obama are viable since they will advance higher education institutions within the next four years.

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