My Reaction for the Movie God’s not Dead

April 23, 2021 by Essay Writer

This movie in its best part has many characters with many dilemmas encountered, and this is the intense part where I am always excited to watch and to know how these characters will solve the ongoing problems concerning about their faith to God. If it had just been this two main actor who is Shane Harper and Kevin Sorbo who play the roles as Josh Wheaton and Prof. Radisson, the movie would be boring and not so thrilling to watch. The many story lines of the movie built suspense and kept my interest as I watch how character fit in to the setting. Honestly, I have seen this movie years ago, even if I watch these many times, it will not bored me but somehow reminds me and gives me strength in faith that God is not dead that he is surely alive and that he is always show his goodness to us. The movie did many things, foremost the film show importance of being bold in standing up for one’s faith. Many of those who oppose faith in God are reluctant to stand their belief because of criticism and opposition.

The film show different perspectives of people about the existence of a supreme being or a creator. According to Josh Wheaton, who debated his professor believes that God exist and he is the One who is responsible for creating our world, however his teacher, Prof. Jeffrey Radisson argue that God does not exist, and that he deliberately denies the existence of a creator, and also provokes his student to write a letter that say that God is dead, in which Josh has never intended to write it and defended his belief. People nowadays are turning away to God due to many disappointments that apparently anywhere, they may find God as not loving and cruel and use to think that God is different from their own plights, sadly they lost faith and they unknowingly place unrealistic expectations to God. My expectation of this film reminds me that we must defend are faith to God nevertheless the many negative circumstances we face in our life, we must somehow know that God will help you face those struggle in life and will show you that only by him you have the strength to overcome those who stands against you and your faith on him.

Apart from my expectations, we know that most of the side line characters have many stories to tell, but the focus and attention of most of their stories is somewhat center to God, that Loving creator that will always accepted you whatever you are and never will find fault in you. Likely, everything turns out that those characters begin to know God and began to have a relationship in him. God can make impossible possible-He moves in unexpected ways he can turn your struggle into blessings, your worst into best, your hate into love, and your worries into faith.

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