My Arguments Against Bunning Books Such as “The Maze Runner”

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” according to Dr. Seuss once wrote. He thinks that books are important and by learning more, your knowledge will increase and will take you to places that you always wanted to be in just like your passion. Books are one of the ways to help increase people’s knowledge and skills. It is important to learn information that will be helpful for you. It is not only useful for students but adult as well. In school, students have been given lots of work and assignment to test their knowledge skill. Books are full of advice, information, instruction and message. It will help students to find useful information. Student need books to study, but adult need advice to solve problems in their life. Books could be a good way to learn and it is accessible. Banning book isn’t a helpful way, it doesn’t give any benefit, besides decreasing books variety. To be able to learn different things student need to read a variety of books to open their mind set. If the books are appropriate for the students depends on their ages. There are books that are helpful but still be banned because of the government ideas or their point of view.

First, books are one of the best tools for students to learn and improve their knowledge according to Oxford Royale, even they are banned. Second, banning books such as The Maze Runner won’t change any things, a step from losing a book that will be helpful in decades. There are many genres of books. There are books that could be helpful for study, social skill as well as life skill. Third, it doesn’t matter if books contain information that are unappropriated, books are just art in their own way.

Books is something that is not only use to improve your knowledge, it also teaches you the way to learn. Students are not the only one who must learn, adult or older people are also learning as well. People in general will always learn new things in life, but books will give them more knowledge. Bill Gates, he read 50 books a year, which make it around 1 book per week. Bill Gates love to read even though he is very busy. Why would the world richest man with a net worth of 78 billion spend so much time on book pages? You might wonder. How does book have so much effect on him and what makes it so important for him to read almost every day? Bill Gates said: “But reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding.” He is the most famous and the richest man on earth, but he still thinks that books are very important, and it help him to learn new things. Bill Gates learn so much things through reading books, and it is one of the reasons why he is successful. This has shown how much important it is for you to learn new things. Books has a lot of variety, which can make your learning easier. By reading books that you are interested in, it makes you learn better.

Banning books such as The Maze Runner won’t change any things, a step from decreasing a genre of books. The Maze Runner is written by James Dasher and published in October 6, 2009. The book has 3 series with different engaging topics. It is filled with action scenes which make the book very interesting and attract readers. The book setting is in a dystopian world and it is very different from our world. By reading this book, it makes the reader look at the world in a different way. The Maze Runner also show a very serious problem in The Maze Runner which is a broken society. In the book, their society is broken because of a problem happening and they don’t have any ways to solve. This could relate to our world, that some serious problem might occur in our world later. The Maze Runner show a different perspective of our world and it makes the reader more curious about the book. Even though it is a different book, but The Maze Runner give out a different feeling by all the action scenes which built up the tone and feelings toward the readers. The Maze Runner has shown a lot of things such as how different is dystopian world and how it could relate to our world. The Maze Runner has received a lot dislike since people think the book itself is anti-family and unappropriated for children. While receiving a lot of negative opinion but the book has made a lot people falling in love with.

It doesn’t matter if books contain information that are unappropriated, books are just art in their own way. Books are just like art because people who write book have a very creative mind. Books are art but instead of expressing feeling by illustrating, the author writes them in words. Even if the book is banned, the author has given their best ability to write, it is important to show respected toward the author. Our school started the banned book week in 2018 to encourage students to read useful banned book. Not only our school apply the banned book week, but the whole world does. Banned book week is creating to give the author persecuted book a chance to show how useful their books are. Not all banned books are unappropriated, however there are some books that could be useful. Banned book week is also for people who are interested in reading and learning new things. Banned book week was first launched in the 1980s. Until today, there are an estimate of 2.8 billion reader and it give a lot of chances for banned book to be unbanned. Banning book is not a good thing. Reading banned books is not a bad thing. So, we need to support all genre, theme and tone books.

Finally, Books help and gave you a lot of useful information. Books doesn’t only help with information, but it also teaches you how to improve it and learn from it. Successful people such as Bill Gates thinks that reading books is important. By learning so much more knowledge by books, Bill Gates is obsessed with reading. Books can provide a lot of information such as: information, instruction, message and advice. Students and adult finds that books are helpful as well. Banning is not a good idea, it didn’t solve any problem.

The Maze Runner is a great book, it has shown how dystopian world are like. People are banning it because they think that this book is not appropriated. The Maze Runner is not appropriated because the books contain to many actions and it restricted children with 11 or younger. Even though the books is different but their information is very helpful and it represent what if our world become a dystopian world? Books has all kind of theme and it is very variety. It doesn’t matter if the book is banned but the author has put a lot of works into it. The reason why people created the banned book week is to give some of the persecuted books another chance. Banned books week also give the students ideas of how and why people banned book. It is important read since you will learn a lot of information that are useful.

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