Lord Of The Flies And Animal Farm

March 26, 2021 by Essay Writer

The two books, Lord of the Flies written by William Golding and George Orwell’s Animal Farm, despite the vastly different themes and storylines they both share fairly similar meanings. Orwell’s illustrates the story of the fatal lives of the farmyard animals. It is just as equally politically minded as Golding’s tale of the life or death situation for a group of juvenile boys stranded on an island with the task of installing democracy into their new lives. These two books both display themes which are of comparable nature.

They both focus on points which vaguely revolve around democracy, diplomacy and sovereignty while shedding an eye-opening and frightening light on drastic realities. If I were to be stranded on a deserted island with all of my closest friends, there would definitely be a hierarchy, since there is already one naturally. In L.O.T.F, there is a clear hierarchy between the boys. On top would be the Lord of the Flies himself, which symbolically represents the evil in each of the boys and unveils the disintegrating mental state of some of the members of the group like Simon.

The next two on the hierarchy would be Ralph and Jack, however, in any group of people, there is always competition. The competition involves Ralph belittling Jack in front of other island inhabitants saying “I was chief and you were going to do what I said. You talk. But you can’t even build huts ?– then you go off hunting, and let the fire out.” Ralph loves the feeling of being the leader of the pack’ and being able to boss people around despite his constant rivalry with Jack for power in the group. When reading the lines ‘More wood, all of you get more wood’ you can really tell he enjoys directing and telling people what to do. But eventually, weakness in Ralph’s character leads him to be overthrown by Jack. Jack has seemingly equal power to Ralph, except is far more ruthless, harsh, violent and overall more dangerous. Jack’s leadership skills are similar to Napoleons in Animal Farm, just as authoritarian and hostile.

They have similar attitudes when reading and comparing these two books. This dictatorial style of leadership to me wouldn’t be an ideal system of living under due to the stresses and conflicts that occur. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, it represents a newly formed society with proposed ideals that don’t always end up working out. Both texts also display how a seemingly perfect democratic system can very quickly descend into madness. In Animal Farm, I enjoyed learning about the Soviet Union portrayed in a story form. The comparisons between the leaders in the book Napoleon who represented Stalin and Snowball who represented Trotsky. The representation of a violent and turbulent society with citizens beginning to follow the new system with the idea that the former society was in fact worse than the newly proposed one. This is also similar to how L.O.T.F operated, with 2 leaders making the decisions These two stories illustrate well that a new society can often bring change, which isn’t always for the better and can very easily make society worse than what is already started off as. While it may seem attractive to get rid of suspected evils of a current leadership system, a new, possibly more evil system can emerge. Change does not necessarily mean for the better, and these books firmly illustrate the fact that a different society is not always a better society.

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