Literacy Standards and Reading Instruction Theory Report

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Literacy Standards Report

According to the National Reading Standards, many aspects are contributing to the efficiency of the reading process. First of all, it is necessary to include such factors as reading for perspectives and understanding human experience. Second, it is necessary to work out evaluation and communication strategies for building an understanding of the interaction between writers and readers and comprehending word meaning presented within a textual context.

Finally, reading activities are of great value for students because they allow them to develop respect for language and cultural diversity (Culture Lesson Reading Standards, n. d.). ESL students can also gain experience and develop a good command of the English language. All these aspects are included in a set of lessons provided by the national academic stages that consistently initiate students into the learning process and introduce them to the basics of excellent reading.

While analyzing educational standards and problems in Arizona, much research has been dedicated to evaluating CTE Assessment Program, Education and Career Action Plan, and AZ Skills Standards Assessment Skills Plan (Huppenthal, 2011). All these activities are oriented on creating, developing, and implementing the strategies for increasing academic standards and improving students’ reading skills.

Arizona standards are also connected with the introduction of the Charter School Incentive Program that incorporates measures aimed at improving reading techniques (Huppenthal, 2011). What is more, the Arizona Department of Education works on the development and implementation of different plans on improving and advancing students’ reading competency and their involvement in the academic program. Aside from programs for students, there are several plans created specifically for professors and tutors. Such a policy is effective enough for enhancing several reading strategies for students.

Report on Reading Instruction Theory

While analyzing teaching techniques, much information about various policies, programs, and plans on improving teaching methods and advancing teachers’ degrees. The assessment of goals pursued by Navigate plan aimed at supporting schools, colleges, and central government centers in education and at providing children’s services (Teaching Treasures.com, 2011). This cooperation and partnership with schools are created to achieve excellence in learning and reading. In this regard, the center develops and recruits experienced leaders to deliver high-quality services to the younger generation and work out efficient classes on achieving higher results in reading.

Specific techniques have also been developed for engaging teachers in distance learning (Teaching Treasures.com, 2011). This educational field needs closer attention because many peculiarities should be taken into consideration such as online communication, choice of media channels and devices, and assessment of software and hardware. To implement all these aspects into education, the teaching community should have a solid research foundation and scholarship. Teachers also have an opportunity to continue their postgraduate education and enlarge their knowledge of the language. Such activities will greatly contribute to the advancement of approaches to reading activities.

Besides the development of efficient teaching strategies, the recent programs are also oriented on the supporting students and ensuring them with effective reading activities. Also, the research has revealed that many teaching plans are focused on meeting distance students’ practical needs. They should be able to have easy access to online libraries and scholarly resources. Finally, online communication strategies and basic skills in presenting online presentations are also considered by the programs (Teaching Treasures.com, 2011).

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