Joseph Campbell: Live By Experience By Knowing Its Secret

August 29, 2022 by Essay Writer

This was the question that Muirz asked about Campbell in the book ‘Sultan of Myth’ (The National Project of Translation, 2002). He was surprised by Campbell’s remarkable passion for mythology and even devoted his life to studying it in its various cultural and cultural manifestations. Has nothing to do with human life in the modern day. ‘One of our greatest problems today is that we do not care about the literature of the spirit. We care about the news of the day and the problems of the day,’ Campbell said. ‘You do not need legends. Time and wealth and power, and when we get old and lose interest in ordinary affairs vulgar, we run into a spiritual vacuum and no decision, may lead the person to suicide or violence. Campbell refers to this response as an intelligent reference to the spiritual anxiety that is eating in the fabric of modern man. Technology and scientific progress have not stopped this bleeding, citing Goethe’s theory that the mind, which is synonymous with contemporary technology,, And that we must rely on our sincere intuition in knowledge of life. Campbell believes that legends are the world’s dreams of addressing great human problems. When we read myths and fairy tales, they tell us how to deal with life crises and their problems of frustration, pleasure, failure or success: Myths tell us where we are in this world.

Campbell points to Dante’s Divine Comedy, which begins with the hero, Dante Aleigiri, standing midway through a dark forest, turning to his tormented spirit, who runs away, but the legend saves him. We all know the journey of the hero / Dante Allegere.

Campbell then compares the midlife crisis of Dante Allegory and the crisis of modern man, hard working all week, with hard work, or in a harsher routine office, the middle-aged crisis: deadly boredom, spiritual emptiness, a sense of alienation from the world and from humans. But Campbell does not leave his readers without giving him a solution: study myth, as a kind of sedatives and mental stimuli to do personal experience, or in short words myths and stories make a shift in our consciousness of the universe and ourselves above all else.

When Campbell was asked whether he was aiming to explore the meaning of life for life, he replied: ‘No, I do not think what we should look for is the meaning of life, but the experience of being alive. The material level has echoes within the depths of our existence. ‘

Myths, stories and stories help us to understand our story, to understand death and to deal with it, to recognize eternity and to deal with it, to reveal to ourselves that meaning of life that awaits those who remove dust from above. Campbell firmly believes in the need to read the legends that a person learns to turn to, to begin receiving the messages of hidden wisdom, and to enter an experience that enables him to cross into the second bank, which is the meaning of his existence.

Campbell goes on to say that legends are not lies; they are poetry, metaphor, and metaphor to arrive at the truth, because they represent the truth, because they can not be placed in words. What is important, and talking here to Campbell, is to live by experience, by knowing its secret, because that gives life a sparkle, life is complete only in an adventure, the adventure of discovering the unknown, that is itself.


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