Instruction Strategies for Differentiated Teaching and Learning Essay

February 16, 2021 by Essay Writer

The main reason behind the assessment plan is to help in collection of the students’ information which will be significant in identifying their potential and their areas of difficulty. Teachers who are well trained have the ability to distinguish content, process, and product for students. By knowing this differentiation, it becomes easy to have a plan that will enable the students to use the same curriculum by issuing out the entry points, learning tasks and outcomes that are designed to the needs of students (Schlemmer, 2011).

At the end of every lesson, I shall use the assessment from the classroom to supervise the students’ mutual understanding of various concepts being taught in class. In fact, this will be essential to my planning of the lessons. In the due process, I will be able to point out areas that need perfect review (Schlemmer, 2011).

In order to monitor the students’ improvements, assessment can be done in form of questions, special projects and daily or weekly worksheets. So students’ prior knowledge to a particular topic or subject is very essential in identifying their understanding of the subject (Schlemmer, 2011).

Differentiated Process

Students should be able to explore their learning environment appropriately. This at the end should be achieved by noticing the results that come as a result of how they behave towards each other and their teachers in mutuality. This mutual understanding is achieved through the establishment of mutual group activities among the students.

In addition to this, students should work as a group with their respective colleagues. Similarly, they should be able to help their partners who have areas of difficulty. They should be able to encourage their colleagues towards their class work. Students should be students of their students. They are required to identify the main information or idea within the story (Schlemmer, 2011).


Having read and analyzed a particular story, the students should be able to create a reflection on what they have learnt, for example, a sketch to show that they have really understood something. In addition to this, they should be able to write a report which will clearly identify their general understanding of the topic. Students should have a small story that proves their understanding of the topic given (Schlemmer, 2011).


Tapes that contain the information from the syllabus should be used to those students who have difficulty in reading. This will enable them to capture the necessary information. A teacher should make a small group of students with whom he can talk to at a time. This will enable him to know what the students need and identification of important ideas behind the story by the students (Schlemmer, 2011).

A class that supports multiple learning should be created through the teacher. The teacher is required not to use cruelty ways of teaching which will discourage the students from continuing with their studies competently. A variety of techniques need to be added by creating an interesting teaching method that lures the attention of the students.

This will keep them active for a long time. At the same time, it will improve their understanding of the subject being studied. Students for instance will develop their self-awareness when they pass various questions asked by the teacher. Their response in regard to various problems should also be considered.

These creation of stories and songs of entertainment will boost their concentration on class work. In pre-primary studies the students should be able to know how to write words in small letters and capital letters at the end of the study (Schlemmer, 2011).


Schlemmer, P., Schlemmer, D., & Schlemmer, P. (2011). Teaching kids to be confident, effective communicators: Differentiated projects to get all students writing, speaking, and presenting. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Pub.

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