he Anatomic Drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci

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The documentary was on Leonardo Da Vinci and as the pioneer of anatomic drawing during the Renaissance period. The documentary displays the artistic qualities of Da Vinci and the multi-talented aspects of his skills that made him among the great people of that period. He was a person of many activities and did put his hand in almost everything of that time. He was a mechanical engineering who could be able to design and build bridges and gates. He was therefore responsible for the construction of notable gates and bridges of his time. Additionally, he was a great painter who could be able to articulate his thoughts through drawing. It is his great painting skills that led him into drawing the famous Monalisa painting that has remained to be an amusement to date. The main focus of the documentary, however, was on him as the only person who was able to dissect the body of humans and going further and draw exactly what he saw. Being a mechanical engineer, he was focused on establishing the mechanical mechanism of the body and how it works and that is why he was able to draw all the individual body and muscles of the body. He was also able to define the almost all location of the body parts and lastly, he was able to draw the heart of the human body and its working phenomena defining the task of each vein and artery and even stating categorically that the heart was made of four chambers something many scientists had been wrong for many years (Stew, 2015).


The video was published on YouTube on the 28th of April, 2015 by Haw Stew. However, the actual producer who was also the director was Matina Hall of BBC Scotland Arts Production.

Relation of the Video with the Class

There is a very close relationship between the facts in the video and the class work on the Renaissance and Reformation. The period was marked by numerous discoveries as far as Siece was of concern. However, it was still difficult for physicians to have the accurate solution to some other serious medical conditions and operation because they had no ample information regarding the working mechanism of the body. Da Vinci’s work was the breakthrough of that time. It allowed people to understand the internal working mechanism of the body and subsequently the location of different body parts and how they relate to each other (Stew, 2015).

Something surprisingly Learned

The most astonishing thing about this documentary is on Da Vinci himself. I have always associated him with art through his famous Monalisa painting. I was caught by surprise, realizing that he was also a Mechanical Engineer and also played such a big role in human anatomy, a field for physicians.

The Success of the Documentary

The documentary has been successful as far as the presentation of facts is of concern. There have been a series of evidence trying to prove how accurate Da Vinci’s drawings. However, it was inaccurate stating that Da Vinci’s drawings were not used for over 400 years because they were not printed. There are many scientists of that time that used Da Vinci’s work in the undertaking of their research and this is proof enough that his work was very useful during his time.

2. Inside the Body of King Henry VIII

About the Video

“Inside the body of King Henry VIII” is a documentary that at defining the possible cause of death of this King, whom, according to historians, he was the most physically table king of all the Kings. In accordance with the facts in the documentary, King Henry was from the Tudor lineage, which was not that might on its own. However, the rise of King, who had the “right” definition of a king physically made this lineage feel represented. This got into the head of the king who used any possible opportunity to physical prowess. This was also important since it made England appear as a strong diplomatic friend internationally. He loved joist as his main sport. It is, in fact, said that the, he experienced in a jousting competition was his final fall because it was only his body armor that cautioned him from the severity of the accident and after that, he was not himself no more. However, poor hygiene, physical injuries from the sporting events which he took part in, the inherited diseases, poor diet and subsequently his fatigued immune system led to his eventual death, the death of the strongest king who died without having a male hair (Harodl, 2013).


Posted on YouTube on November 19th, 2013 by Henry Harold, the documentary is produced and directed by Duja Noack and is a product of the National Discovery Channel.

Relation of the Video with the Class

The video has a direct bearing on what was learned in the class. The video was for the era before the Renaissance and Reformation era where scientific discoveries and inventions aimed at making the life of people easier and safer. The video showcased the pathetic health conditions of the people prior to this era. There were hygiene problems such that even the King could not drink water and thus forced to alcohol and wine. More so, there was a challenge in diagnosing the diseases that the people suffer from and that is why it was difficult to save the king. When amputating was the only way out, it was impossible for it to be carried out because of the lack of the necessary tools (Harodl, 2013). The video was, therefore, an indication of the health challenges faced by the people, which were rectified, to a greater extent through the Renaissance and Reformation.

Something surprisingly Learned

Despite him being a King, I was very shocked that there were many illnesses throughout his life that went undetected. I was expecting him, as is the King, he should be taken under continuous health checks such that the tuberculosis which had even claimed his brother, and even hampered the health of her first wife, should not have gone undetected. Additionally, the documentary has shown that the Tudor era medics/ physicians only relied on the Roman health techniques which were a technique used several years back. However, the extent of the growth of the English kingdom should have had its own means of treatment, and through this, there could have been a possibility of the King having got the medication that he needed.

The Success of the Documentary

The video was successfully done. The facts were very well presented and the facts were well tested and this led to convincing results which make the documentary scientific viable and conclusive.

3. Mankind the History of All of us

About the documentary

The documentary is about the initial implications of the Reformation and the Renaissance which happened to affect the whole of Europe. This was a period of the awakening of Europe. Europe had been active and powerful prior to the rise of the Romans. However, the Romans happened to overpower them and this led to the demise of Europe. After the fall of Rome, Europe emerges once again and that is why the period is known as the Renaissance. The video shows how important the ship technology was which subsequently led to the expansion of international trade. The video shows how the growth of the Turks happened after the fall of Constantinople and how hard it became for the Europeans to trade with the Islamic Turks who had close down the trade route to far Asia which was a very important route for the trading of spices. More importantly is the entrance of European to the modern-day America, which was by accident since sailors were looking for a new trading route around Africa towards Asia. This coincidence led to the spread of European civilization to America (Block, 2016).

The Producer

The documentary was posted by Burt Block on 30th December 2016. However, the real owners of the documentary were Ben Goold and Jane Root, who were the actual producers through the Film Afrika Worldwide and Dune films.

The Documentary Relationship with class work

The Renaissance era was a period that took place in fragments over long periods of time. Notably, most of the people were not even aware that these changes were happening. One major sign that Europe was through a session of being reborn is that there was a need to increase her wealth and this could only be attained through trading. It w for trading purposes that the other unknown routes to the Far East were being searched for and this led to the discovery of the Cape of Good Hope. Another quest for reaches was treasure and Columbus was certain that there was a land beyond the Mediterranean and this land was full of treasures. This opened up America to the rest of the world (Block, 2016).

Surprising fact about the documentary

I have always known Christopher Columbus as being the first English man who “discovered” America. I have been reading lots of books since grade school that he was the first person to set sail into this land. I was, however, shocked to realize that it was Thor Vold Erickson, a Viking who was the first person from Europe to set reach this place. The documentary states that he was killed with all his men and am still not sure who kept a record of him sailing there.

The success of the documentary

The documentary is very well directed to offer the best chronology of events as they happened all through history. However, there is a slight debate that is still up for debate. The documentary states that the Aztec civilization was in existence way too long before the Egyptian civilization. I have come upon different readings with others stating that Egyptian civilization existed before the Aztec’s. This is an area worth researching since I am of the stand that both civilizations existed almost during a similar period but the Egyptian civilization ended sooner.

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