Greek Mythology Essay

August 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

She was perfect eternally young woman with a beautiful body. She was known of the goddess of love and beauty. Although her powerful sexual attractiveness and dazzling beauty she also had weaknesses.

With a perfect face and body, she is a bit stuck on herself, it was the girdle that she wore that had magical powers to compel love. She was the daughter of Zeus, the king of gods and Dione, and early mother goddess. Although it was thought that she was born of zeus and dione or more commonly it was told that she was born of foam in the sea off the island of Cyprus.

First of all, my goddess is Aphrodite her powers are love,beauty. A weakness of Aphrodite is that every time she saw someone more beautiful or attractive then her she gave them a horrible life or killed them. Aphrodite was usually depicted as a highly attractive young woman who dressed elegantly and loved to wear jewellery. Her eyelashes were curled and she had a constant smile on her lovely face. Aphrodite had a tender neck and symbolized the feminine beauty. Scallop shell, seashells, mirrors, golden apples, the Evening Star (planet Venus), Number 5, the ocean, and the triangle.

Secondly, Aphrodite is thought to have been born near Paphos, on the island of Cyprus. According to Greek myth, Uranus and Gaia had a son named Cronus. The parents fought and Gaia created a stone sickle, which she gave to Cronus to attack his father. Cronus castrated Uranus and threw his father’s testicles into the sea. They caused the sea to foam and out of that white foam rose Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite was married to the lame smith Hephaestus, the Olympian God of the Iron, but her heart was devoted to Ares, the God of War, with whom Aphrodite was having a passionate, but secret love affair. Aphrodite’s transformative power–Love – transforming the ordinary, the mundane into something beautiful and special through Love. Aphrodite was known to become angry and cast revenge when mortals refused to honor the Goddess of Love or her sacred rites. She appears to have no mother.

Finally Aphrodite and Adonis is a classic myth about lust and rejection, enhanced with several spicy details about the Goddess of Love and Lust and the beautiful mortal Adonis. The first myth of Aphrodite and Adonis involves the man’s parents and is a story about beauty, love and jealousy. Adonis’ mother was the beautiful Myrrha or Smyrna and his father, King Cinyrus of Cyprus, who was actually the father of Myrrha. This strange parentage of Adonis came about because Goddess Aphrodite was jealous of Myrrha’s beauty and caused the girl to unite with her own father.When Cinyrus found out that he had been tricked, he chased Myrrha with a sword, intending to kill both her and her unborn child. Aphrodite, repenting of her deed, quickly turned the girl into a myrrh tree.

In conclusion, the goddess had many affairs, but she never felt guilty, she liked being able to get whoever and whatever she wanted, but she was always ready to help deities and mortals get the love that they wanted. She was even said to be very generous and always very friendly. Aphrodite was one of the very well-known out of all Greek gods and goddesses, and even though she slept around a lot, she gave everyone something to talk about and made lots of babies.

Which I think many gods, goddesses, and mortals appreciated. Not only was this goddess famous for her various sexual activities, but also for starting the Trojan War. A wedding took place among the gods and goddesses for the union of King Peleus and Thetis. Eris the goddess of Chaos was not invited and in anger she tried to crash the wedding, when not let in she threw a golden apple in the middle of the floor for the fairest. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite all believed themselves to be the fairest and began fighting over the apple. Zeus could not decide who was, so he left his son Paris (Prince of Troy) to decide.

In the end he chose Aphrodite because she had the best bribe for Paris, this was Helen of Troy who was abducted from the Greek King Menelaus. To get her back, the King declared war, and it was the Trojan War. During this war, her son Aeneas fought. Athena, who liked to meddle in lives just as Aphrodite did, gave Diomedes the power to see the immortals on the battlefield. She told him he should stay away from all the gods and goddesses but he could stab Aphrodite. When Aphrodite helped Aeneas by shielding him from all of Diomedes attacks, Diomede lunged at Aphrodite and cut her hand. She fled to Mt. Olympus where Zeus told her to stay away from warfare and only worry herself with matters or marriage and love and so on.

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