Founding Fathers

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How does an orphan from the West Indies become one our Founding Fathers? (Check site) Alexander Hamilton, the only early education he had was taught by his mother. Alexander Hamilton didn’t let that stop him to become a force in the early days of the United States. Have you ever wondered what all his accomplishments were was? Let’s explore his life together.

Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755, in the West Indies. (Who Was Alexander Hamilton? Page 3). Alexander had one brother James. Alexander and James were both orphaned in the West Indies. His father who was a Scotsman and his mother was British and French. Alexander and his family moved to another Island in order for his father to earn money to support his family.

Since his parents were never married Alexander and his brother were taught by their mother. They learn to read and and speak English and French. Alexander and his brother James father left when Alexander was 11. A year later Alexander and his mother got very sick. . Alexander recovered but his mother died(Who Was Alexander Hamilton? Page 12). The cause of his mother’s death is unknown. With their father gone and their mother dead, the brother’s went to live with a cousin. However sadly their cousin died several years after they moved with him.

This was the last time Alexander and James saw each other.
Alexander went to live with one of the local merchants on the island. Alexander learned business. At age 16 Alexander had written two poems and was published. (Who was Alexander Hamilton? page 16) The Federalist Papers. The series of newspaper articles urged the newly independent states to adopt the Constitution and create a strong central government, and later was part of the ST. Croix’s first newspaper. DO I NEED A QUOTE Even though his situation was difficult, others recognized that Hamilton was smart and talented? Hamilton’s boss sent him to New York. He became a student at King’s College, later called Columbia University. (

Alexander attended college when our nation was beginning to form. Alexander believed America should be independent from Britain. Alexander found himself one day at meeting. Being only 19 and shy Alexander started to speak, he made such a strong speech against the British rule of the American colonies. This was the start of Alexander path to becoming one of our Founding Fathers.

Alexander and fellow students knew that the war was near. That is when the Hearts of Oaks was formed. The group study strategies of war and drills. Alexander quickly got noticed by George Washington and other military leaders. . …Six short months later, Alexander Hamilton was named a captain of artillery in New York’s first official regiment. (Who was Alexander Hamilton? Page 34). Alexander’s military career began, he became a Lt. Colonel and General Washington’s aide. Hamilton asked nothing of his men he commanded that he wouldn’t do himself. He treated his men with respect. In 1778, Washington and Hamilton, and Marquis de Layette all joined together. Because of Hamilton mother teaching him French he was able to communicate with Marquis and translate for Washington. The 3 of them fought in the battle at freehold NJ

In the bitter winter the year was 1780, Alexander was in Morristown, NJ, with Washington’s army. He met Elizabeth Schuyler, his future wife. Her father Phillip was well known and affluent, on top of that he was a general who lived in Albany, NY. Eliza (Elizabeth) was 1 of 7 kids. Alexander right away wanted to wed Eliza. And she fell in love with him too. In November 1780, Alexander and Eliza were married in Albany NY. His Father and Brother who lived in the West Indies, so they were unable to come. But he was welcomed into the Schuyler family. Phillip was appreciated of his new son-in-law, and the family loved him too! For the first time Alexander felt like he had a family again.

In the year 1781, around October, Alexander had gotten sent to Yorktown, VA. When he arrived he had to meet up with Lafayette, and Washington. The reason why is the British leader, General Cornwallis, had positioned his troops close by. October 14th the battle had begun, the British had surrendered and the Continental army won!

After this battle, Alexander became a Father to his new son Phillip on January 22 1782, he could not wait to get home to be with his wife and family. Later than Alexander became a lawyer, in New York. Alexander worked with Aaron burr, who was a lawyer too. The majority of Hamilton’s first clients were the widely unpopular British Loyalists, who continued to pledge their allegiance to the King of England. ). But Alexander thought everyone deserved equal rights, in the courts no matter what religion they were. He also defended the poor if they couldn’t pay him.

Alexander, Eliza, and Phillip moved to New York in 1783. He thought America was a young country with hardly any banks. Alexander wanted to set up a bank in New York, one that would lend notes (paper money) as well as gold and silver. The bank opened in 1784, and still standing to this day. Three years later, Alexander and his family, had grew. He had two children and adopted 1. The country had agreed that they need to replace the government to replace the Articles of Confederation. Alexander had to determined that this new government be better than the last.

The Federalist Papers, Alexander and James Maddison, wanted to share their thoughts on why America needed a strong bank and a central government. They laid out ideas for how the new government would work in a series essays they call the Federalist papers. This essay group: Federalist Papers called for a government with three jobs: a president, a congress, and a supreme court. As members, Alexander and Maddison, were strictly not to talk about this subject public. No one knew at the time who wrote these paper essays, but everyone reading them. When the Constitution for the new government was finally written, many of its ideas came from Alexander’s and Maddison’s 85 Federalists Papers. The constitution was written by multiple people: Including James Maddison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and And Alexander Hamilton. Later in July 1788 Alexander and Eliza had their 4th son, and Alexander knew that Washington would be a great President with this new government.

Later on Hamilton’s life, him and Eliza now had six children, the oldest was 15, Then there was an unexpected tragedy; 1798, around September New York was hit with yellow fever epidemic, Alexander’s family was spared this time, but people all over New York were frightened. Nearly 45 people were dying each day in the city ( ). Yellow Fever was caused by mosquito’s, this caused many people to drink dirty water so, Aaron burr wanted to bring clean water to New York, Alexander liked this idea. But actually Aaron burr was only giving $100,000 out of 2 million! The rest of the money would be for organizers of the plan of all this. But Alexander was furious people were still getting sick. He was upset when Burr became vice president in 1801.

In 1801 Alexander’s and Eliza’s oldest son got shot in a duel when George Eacker mad a speech that insulted Alexander, Phillip confronted him about it, so Eacker challenged Phillip to duel, that is when he had died. Six months later Eliza had their last son they named him Phillip after the older brother, he knew his family would never be the same, Alexander was a more troubled and sad man. In March Alexander went to a dinner party at a friend’s house and said some insulting things about Burr, Somehow this news got into the publisher’s hands, and got published in the newspaper.

Aaron burr heard about this and demanded an apology, but Alexander refused, so Aaron and Alexander decided to have a duel On July, 1804 Alexander rowed across the river to New Jersey, the same spot Phillip had been shot. At 7 o’clock the duel began, Alexander decided to stand on the North side of the clearing facing the sun, Alexander shot, landed nowhere near Burr, then Burr shot and hit him right in the hip. Alexander is now dead, there was a funeral, Aaron Burr went to jail, and never apologized.

We continue to remember Alexander, and his big impact on our United States. Because he was the founder of New York’s Bank, his face is on the 10 dollar bill. Alexander’s Federalist Papers are framed, we will never forget this amazing person. If I could ask Hamilton one question I would ask was it cool and nice to experience America forming as when it was just starting? In 2015 the musical Hamilton was created! From personal perspective this musical is great I have never seen it but I have the songs downloaded on my phone, and also listen to then on YouTube, I learned some facts about him just from the songs! I highly recommend listening to them! I hope you enjoyed my report, and thank you for your time.

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