F. Scott Fitzgerald`s “The Great Gatsby” Free Essay Example

May 2, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Roaring Twenties or Jazz Age

F. Scott Fitzgerald satirizes the 1920’s society which is known as The Roaring Twenties or Jazz Age through this novel. Using the characters of Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Myrtle Wilson Fitzgerald satirizes the condition of women in society. After the end of World War 1 in November 1918, women as a mother and housewife become changed and Flapper (independent).

They also changed their lifestyle. After earning the right to give vote in 1920, they began to think themselves as equal as male members of society.

They initiate to drink alcohol, smoking and dancing. Before the war women’s fashion was long shirts, high-buttoned shoes and long hair but later they became modern and their fashion take place in short shirts, high-hills and bobbed hair.

Daisy represents the modernism

In this novel Daisy represents this modernism. Women started to attend late night party and their intimacy with the opposite sex was increasing day by day. In this novel it seemed that Myrtle Wilson attended a party with Tom in New York instead of her husband George Wilson.

Here it also seen that women get married with rich or wealthy man to show their social status. Myrtle is this kind of woman, the reason of her intimacy with Tom is only for his money and high social status. F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays the satirical picture of modern society by telling about the luxuries parties thrown by Gatsby and the guests’ attitude whom are attended at the parties. Fezgerald also mocks the way of people try to show off their money to impress each other in society.

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Gatsby’s parties

Gatsby thrown parties to make a good impression to the rich people around him and also to prove he has lots of money. Gatsby thinks he will be able to impress Daisy with his house, money, wealth and luxuries lifestyle. He buys a dress for Daisy. This shows that in a plethoric way Gatsby spends his money like modern society does just only because to impress his guests and show his upper class lifestyle or excess money.

Gatsby’s parties was lasted two days every weekend. Most of the guests of Gatsby’s parties were uninvited and were the same guests each time. Guests were stayed two days each week in Gatsby’s party and took advantage from his hostility. The guests were attended the party but did not see the person who host these luxuries parties even never try to did that.

Their only work was to attend the parties each week and to drink, gamble and fight with each other because all of them were intoxicated. Gatsby were little seen in the parties and behind him guest gossip about his personal life, “He is a bootlegger. One time he killed a man who had found out that he was nephew to von Hindenburg and second cousin to  the devil” (Fitzgerald. 65).

The contempt of modern society

Here Fitzgerald portrays the contempt of modern society for another people. All night people in the party were busy in drinking, singing, dancing, shouting and they were careless about life and this carelessness narrate the ruin of morals in modern society. Fitzgerald satires the laziness of society through this novel.

The rich people those are lived in West Egg in the novel are rich by born and inherited money or wealth from their family, they have enough time to enjoy wild party and lot of way to spend money in modern society. Gatsby the newly rich man throw wild parties each weekend and West Egg’s rich community attended the parties to get drunk and dance.

Fitzgerald ridicules over the upper class people’s laziness because they have enough time to enjoy parties, drink alcohol, gamble and so one, in one word Fitzgerald says have much ‘playtime’, but they do not have sufficient time for any productive work. The guests whom are attended at Gatsby’s lavish wild parties and spend two days each weekend represents the laziness of society and nonproductive/ nonprofitable.

The filthy attitude of society

Gatsby’s wild party proves the fithy attitude of society. By using Gatsby’s parties Fitzgerald girds/ banters modern society of 1920s’ and slaughterous/blasting/ destructive behavior of people to show money and wealth and to impress other people in society. Social class: Fitzgerald’s criticizes the practices of social class during The Jazz Age using the setting of the novel and the characters.

Writer typically generates a  connection between the social class and the setting of the novel, for illustration The Valley of Ashes is “a desolate area of land” and “a solemn dumping ground” which is situated in the middle of West Egg and New York. The Valley of Ashes is popular for the lives of poor people.

West Egg is well known for the existence of ambitious community whom are ‘less fashionable’. Fitzgerald’s characters draw the picture of social provition of USA society by the time of roaring 1920 and indicate the flaw of nonproductive society.


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