Emmanuel Macron and His Ideas on Climate Change

February 14, 2021 by Essay Writer

Emmanuel Macron is making strides all over the globe. His ideas on climate change and his focus on a more united world have influenced many people in France and around the world. Emmanuel Macron was elected the president of France on May 7, 2017. Macron is very consistent with what he said during his campaign statement even though some may be opposed to his views. Emmanuel Macron is a world leader and is paving the way for younger generation to become intrigued and enlightened by the political atmosphere.

One opponent to Macron is the US President, Donald Trump. Their ideas may contradict each other, but Macron believes that he is still in good relations with him. I adore this aspect of Macron’s morals. Even though he disagrees with Trump’s administration, Macron realizes his standing in the world and reassures all people that he is ready to work to fix problems rather than overlook them because of simple disputes with other nations. Macron seeks to get his ideas passed at a faster rate than previous leaders. In a TIME article about Macron he states,”’If you act, and it is because of your actions that you lose popularity, fine.”’ (Walt, 29). Macron faces losing popularity simply because he wants to implement change at a faster rate than others. Change does not sit well at first in any circumstance, but change is needed in many circumstances.

Macron’s views on a healthier planet is an inspiration for environmental scientists all over the world. Macron advocates for the stoppage of the use of fossil fuels and the betterment of the Earth. This is another principle that Macron and Trump disagree on. Again, Macron is less worried about people’s views about him and is more worried about the change he can implement. When Trump declined to come to Paris for the convention on climate change, Macron said that American scientists are welcome to come to France if their ideas are not respected in the US. Again, Macron is worried about positive change, not people’s point of views of him.

The admiration that is evident from young people around the world is mostly how Macron conducts himself in speeches and events. For example, at Macron’s first UN appearance, Trump spoke about how America “would come first, before the world.” Not two hours later, Macron argued that multilateralism is essential for the world as it encourages a strong, central union of countries. The idea that a world leader would literally completely oppose another world leader in the same meeting, shows how Macron is again more worried about the change of a world, rather than just simply a nation.

Macron, as a leader, shows how the modern morals of young people can exceed previous precedents set by old leaders. He inspires people to speak their minds and suggests unity rather than individualism. The global expectations of Macron will greatly increase the development of all countries and will inspire generations upon generations of young people to follow in his footsteps.

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