Documentary Developing And Its Implication In Social Work

June 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

“A documentary is a large term to depict a non-fiction movie that in some way ‘documents’ or captures reality.” Documentary practice is the process of preparing documentary projects. It relates to what people do with media devices, content, form, and production techniques so as to deal with the efficient, ethical, and conceptual difficulties and preferences that occur as they make documentary films or other similar presentations supporting fact or reality. institutes offer classes and programs in documentary practice.

Documentary and filmmaking are often used as a sort of journalism, advocacy, or personal expression. ‘In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director.’ —Alfred Hitchcock.

It is thus a free flow of thoughts which forces the mind to run in every direction and after a lot of mind boggling and finally produces a result on paper which we call script.

Focumentary scriptwriting is two stage approach

  • The Pre-shoot or script – A pre-shoot or script a chart once you set out on a road trip. Which works as an obstacle and counsels you from offroading on that trip and acts as a way on the shooting journey.You may slip across many invisible barriers or surprising surprises. You may find wonderful, uncharted areas off the beaten track.
  • The Post-shoot Script . The post-shoot script is the ultimate edition of the script . This is often a modified or re-written interpretation of the script and is created between the shooting and editing processes of the documentary. The post-shoot script combines conceptual components along with side audiovisual data collected at the assembly stage and should also include any new knowledge gathered along the way. It then weaves it all at once into a cinematic story, which is employed by the filmmaker to edit the documentary. The post shoot script often includes descriptions of shots and actions and is sort of comprehensive.

How to make a documentary

Key steps of making documentaries:

  1. building a story
  2. Research
  3. make a proposal
  4. create a short list
  5. start shooting
  6. write a script
  7. begin editing
  8. check legal and copyrights issues
  9. distribute.

How writing of film is different from documentary developing

  • Film writing
  • Documentary script
  • Film is visual
  • Documentary deals with fact not fiction
  • Film shows motion
  • Documentary is flexible
  • Film reveals what the eye often can not see
  • Documentary inspires movement and action
  • Film is subjective
  • Documentary subject is paramount
  • Film chooses audience
  • Credibility is key in documentary
  • Significance of documentary development and implication on social work

How the documentary help in global development

As humans, we desire for knowledge and a greater knowledge of the world around us. As exhausted students, exams, final papers, and that overthrowing pile of readings keeps that thirst alleviated, but can be monotonous at the best of times.

There are various documentaries which help in global development

Poverty Inc.

The question of assistance may be a nuanced, even controversial, one. Poverty Inc. takes the problem head on, indicating how Western organizations have built an industry of development that does more harm than good within the end of the day . The documentary challenges us to seem outside of the event paradigm eternalized by stereotypes in Western media. Supporting partnerships instead of paternalistic relationships,Poverty Inc. is a catalyst into the new established order of development.

Life and debt

Stephanie Black’s documentary criticizes the role of the IMF and World Bank specifically for the enactment of structural adjustment strategies in Jamaica post-independence. In the period of post-colonization, many former colonized countries, like Jamaica, organize themselves in check during a several way: forced institutional reform towards free market operations reciprocally for developmental loans. Life and Debt explores the negative future influences these loans and successive debts have had on the economy of Jamaica.


Short film designed to combat the stereotyping of someones with psychosocial stability. This film shows the life story of a common man who is suffering from schizophrenia. The demonstration of this in everyday life was an intentional technique to prove a society that people with schizophrenia don’t differ much from us – so called “normal people”.




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