Discovery in Away and The Perks of Being a Wallflower

March 21, 2022 by Essay Writer

Discoveries envelop the process of individuals making profound changes from previous walks of life to new unearthed possibilities. This process occurs at the convergeance of introspection and examination and its impacts can be transformative and emancipatory. This process and the idea discoveries lead individuals to new worlds, stimulating ideas can clearly be reflected through Micheal Gow’s drama Away and the film The Perks of Being a Wallflower (TPOBW) directed by Stephen Chbosky. These texts encompass surpassing limitations and changing interpretations through procuring relationships with others. In Away, the mother figures Coral a Gwen, symbolically move away from old ways of thinking whereas TPBOW follows Charlie, a young boy on his path to maturity. These characters all undergo significant self-discoveries to retrieve fresh outlooks.The necessity of discovery as a means of stimulation and new world and values can be reflected through the inceptive behaviours and attitudes that require change. In Away Coral is introduced as an emotionally disconnected woman following the death of her son in the Vietnam war. Coral’s necessity for discovery can be seen in the performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ where the stage directions state she is “sitting in the dark wiping away tears”. Coral feelings sorrowful during a humorous play emulates how trapped in grief she is and her inability to interpret the emotional depth that Shakespeare represents. In turn, following her upbringing in the Great Depression Gwen consequently has a materialistic attitude and places false value on possessions and status. This is seen through the use of ellipsis “Have a lovely time in your…. Tent”. This is indicative of her sarcastic and derogatory nature towards others of lower status and the world. These initial behaviours represent their necessity for change and the beginning of this process is introduced by their catalyst Tom, as Puck, where he states “Think but this and all is mended”. This quote from the play within a play effectively introduces interpretations will be changed to achieve….. . Similarly, in TPOBW, Charlie also has a negative outlook on the world, highlighting his necessity for discovery. Individuals who experience limitations such as personal loss and emotional disconnection will often undergo the process of discovery to retrieve new outlooks. In the poignant coming of age story TPOBW, Charlie experiences these limitations in the form of highschool, death, relationships and sexuality. Chbosky uses an aerial shot to reflect Charlies intial necessity for discovery. This is shown looking down on Charlie following his departure from a party, effectively reflecting his sense of isolation and segregation. This higlights Charlies need to undergo discovery to acquire a sense of joy and emotional connection to others. This is reinforced through low modality dialogue “I am both happy and sad…. Still trying to figure out how that could be”. This is indicative of the confusion and disconnection that arises prior to undergoing discovery and the necessity of these changes to stimulate new ideas and solidify new worlds and values. Subsequently , Coral and Gwen are able to begin this transformative process with the assistance of the character Tom. For the process of discovery to present new worlds and values to occur, an individual will often require the assistance of profound catalysts to enlighten and stimulate their discoveries their discoveries. In Away, these catalytic discoveries can be accredited to the terminally ill child Tom. With the help of Tom, Coral is able to realise she can no longer remain shrouded tot the world. This is reflected in the performance of “Strangers on the Shore: where Tom helps Coral find her legs in both a symbolic and literal way. This is shown through the repetition of “Im Walking, Im walking”. This is symbolic of Coral’s discovery and overcoming the death of her son, attaining a new positive outlook on the world. Gwen’s stimulating moment also occurs due to Tom, as she discovers about his illness while on a walk with his mother Vic. Through the attainment of this knowledge, she has a moment of anagnorisis, realising that relationships with others are more important than placing false value on status and material objects. Her transformation is evident following Tom and Coral’s performance where the stage directions state “The applause is led thunderously by Gwen”. This is reflective of her newly procured redemptive outlook on the world, as opposed to her previous acquisitive attitudes. These resulting attitudes of the women clearly reflect that upon self-examination, discoveries can in turn stimulate new ideas and lead individuals to new worlds and ideas. Similarly, Charlie also undergoes discoveries following the development of relationships with others. In order to surpass limitations to acquire new perspectives and outlooks an individual will often seek out relationships with others to support them. In TPOBW, Charlie befriends the mentor figure of his English teacher, as well as two teenagers, Patrick and Sam, who assist his discovery by allowing him to see the immediacy of life. His new attitude and adapted perspective can be seen through the dialogue “It was me.. in that tunnel… I was really there. This tunnel is symbolic of his passage from adolescence to adulthood and the high modality language reflects his new found surety brought forth by discovery, as opposed to his previous outlooks. Toward the end of the film, there is a recurring placement of the word “infinite”. The repetition of this effectively represents the unbounded possibilities that have arisen due to his discovery and relationships. For Charlie, personal transformation reflects new positive values and ideas, and neglect of his previous sense of isolation and segregation to the world. Hence, discoveries effectively lead individuals to procuring new outlooks as well as perceptions of emotions and life. This process and the effects of discovery are clearly explored and reflected through Micheal Gows drama Away and The Perks of Being a Wallflower directed by Stephen Chbosky. Gwen, Coral and Charlie all undergo this process with others acting as catalysts for their self discoveries, which allows them to procure new profound positive attitudes.

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