Diary Entries – Macbeth

December 19, 2020 by Essay Writer

Day 1

Three strange witches approached me today while Banquo and I were returning from battle. I met with them and they told me that I would be king someday. I’m not sure if I believe what they have told me. What would happen to Duncan that would put me in power? I should probably not pay too much attention to their witchcraft. I never believed in that stuff anyway.

In other news, we put down the rebellion at Cawdor today.

Ross met with Duncan and he gave me the title of Thane of Cawdor. This is fantastic. Duncan is coming to my castle tomorrow to meet with us. This is great. Maybe what the witches say is true. But that would mean I have to kill Duncan. There would be no greater opportunity than when he is at my castle. I must speak this over with Lady Macbeth. She will know what to do.

She always knows what to do.

Day 2

Duncan arrived at my castle this morning. We welcomed him warmly. I have spoken with my wife. We have decided that Duncan must die so that I may become king. I will kill him in his bedchamber tonight as he sleeps. Afterward I will plant the dagger on his bodyguard’s bed as to turn the blame to them. No one will suspect a thing. The witches were right. I will be king. No one can stop me. At this moment the king is having supper. Enjoy your last meal Duncan. The hour is near for the new king of Scotland to take his throne.

Day 3

It is done. Duncan is now dead. His son’s have fled and I have been named king. Strange things happened last night. I almost couldn’t do it. I saw a bloody dagger floating in the air before I killed Duncan. If it wasn’t for Lady Macbeth I might have not done it. I don’t know why these strange things are happening to me. I couldn’t even say amen during a prayer today. I’m not going mad. I know I’m not going mad. The witches said I would be king and I am. I am king. No one else is going to take it from me. Not Duncan’s son’s. Not even Banquo. No one can stop me.

Day 4

The men I hired have taken care of Banquo. He won’t be a problem anymore. But I saw him at my feast tonight. That’s impossible. What is happening? I’m just seeing things that’s all. I’m not mad. I know I’m not. But why would I see Banquo? He’s dead. They told me he’s dead. What of Banquo’s son though? They could not get him. He fled and no one has seen him since. He must also be taken care of. It’s my throne. I’m the one who is to be king. They told me so. I know what I’ll do. I’ll go find the witches and ask them what I am to do next. They knew this much. They must know more. I need to know what I need to do to secure my throne.

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