Death of John the Savage

August 29, 2022 by Essay Writer

Brave New World Task 1 Opinion piece Newspaper: The Fordian Science Monitor Headline: Savage Suicide Precipitate Social Hedonism Past: HOW did the savage end his alternative life? Convict by whipping himself infernally at the lighthouse. As it is make into a movie called The Savage of Surrey, the influence of the suicide has been expand infinitely by the movie, and give an unprecedented impact to the whole peaceful society, our brave new world. As you all know, our perfect society is a purified heaven without criminal, history, illness, motherhood and pain. Pain, one of our worst emotions, which has been relatively avoid in our hedonism policy and soma treatment “A gramme is better than a damn. ” Our government used to try the best to use any power such as increasing the dosage of the soma, and offer more semi-soma product, such as sex hormones chewing gum, and holding the religion activities—orgy porgy more frequently to stop pain spread in any levels of our human being. As we wish, we did a good job on that, and even Deltas are quite enjoy there “special more enjoyable working” lives. Nowadays: The savage brought us a brilliant present from the smelly, out-dated, infernal Indian area, which has become the third main way to release in our beautiful new society after the promiscuity and soma, PAIN! When the radio broadcast the progress of John Savage’s death live, many of our smart levels people join the whipping automatically and end up with holy orgy porgy, which is highly encouraged by our government and controllers. Mustapha Mond declared the Savage’s death as a shame for the whole society and appreciated the gift—fain he brought to us at the Ford memorial park this morning. In my opinion, I highly enjoy and accept the new way to release our soul with each other. How genius is John who combined the holy orgy porgy with the brand new whipping pain together to create the new enjoyable activity, which named Soul Mixture, for short SM. Future: As a part of our CSI society, everyone belongs to everyone else. Nonetheless, we already have the three wonderful methods to release; we all still look forwards to the future for finding more hedonism shortcuts! Deltas can’t wait to try the new way to relax. Letter 1: SM is Violence I AM angry and saddened by recent cinema coverage of The Savage of Surrey. Reporting by the government, SM is a new pleasure way to relax, I start to try it with my several partners together, but as Epsilons; we spend all our afternoon together to organise trying the “new way”, but FAILED! We can’t whip our self! We just can whip forwards… Finally, we give up trying to whip ourselves, and start to whip each other and doing orgy, but we find out the pain is 100% painful, I can’t bear to it anymore, and that is really hurts me! I reckon the reason why we don’t enjoy the whipping is we haven’t find out the way to whip ourselves. What a shame, we reckon it is totally stupid for us to do the Alpha’s job, whiping ourselves. And we confess not to try SM again. In our mind, it is short for “Stupid Methods” . SM is VIOLENCE! Letter 2: Beyond the past, say welcome to PAIN As a high brain developped human being, I quite understand the pioneering undertaking of John, he impact our society to an even higher level of hedonism. After watching the movie in cinema, we technique insight the happiness bring by the “wild” methods, whipping. I do appreciate to the Savage John. Although he died, which caused by whipping too much, I still can image how high he is at the instant time before the death. I bet we can’t reach the same high level of happiness as him unless taking 1 kilograms soma.

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