Crucible Projects

April 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

Select one of the following to complete independently or with a partner:

People Magazine’s Love Triangle of the Year
Produce a magazine article in which you try to piece together the story of this love triangle from the various characters’ points of view. Your article should include comments by John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Abigail Williams. The main goal here is to understand the effect their actions had on each of the others. Be sure to bring out the major events of the story in some way.

Your finished product should look like a magazine article and include various pictures or whatever your creative minds can come up with! Look at some People Magazine articles for ideas.

The Crucible: An Alphabet Book

For your final project, you will create an alphabet book using one letter of the alphabet per page. It may be rhyming or nonrhyming. Give your book a cover and illustrate it. As this will be your final grade, I am particularly interested in seeing that you have an understanding of the major events and themes of the novel as well as relationships between the characters.

(EXAMPLE: A is for adultery. M is for McCarthyism.)

The Crucible Greeting Cards

Design five greeting cards that you think John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, Reverend Parris, and Abigail Williams would have sent to each other for a holiday. You choose the holiday/occasion and design the five cards, one from each of these characters. Include a picture and a quote or poem that they would have written in each card. They can be funny or serious. Be creative and make the cards look nice! I am particularly interested in seeing that you have an understanding of the major ideas and the relationships between the characters. Include an explanation with each card.

The Crucible Soundtrack

Create a soundtrack for the novel, choosing or composing five songs (ONE can be an instrumental). The songs must represent the main themes, moods, relationships, or events in the story in some way. Create a CD insert with appropriate artwork, artist information, dedications, and a booklet that includes lyrics and a paragraph for each song explaining how and why each relates to the book. You may burn the songs onto a CD if you’d like, but it is not required.

The Crucible Diary

Create a journal/diary for one of the three main characters. In that character’s voice (first person),you will create at least 10 one page, typed and dated entries based on what’s happening at the time. This will allow you to comment on the major events of the plot. You MUST comment on the following: The first appearance of the character in the story

Any meeting that your character has with another of the characters
Any important event that occurs in the story
Any physical/psychological changes in the character
Where the character leaves the story

The story covers years in the character’s life so you will observe changes in the character’s acceptance in the community, the physical and/or mental condition of your character, and his/her relationship with the other characters. The main characters who will appear in your journal will be John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, Abigail Williams, Reverend Hale, and/or Reverend Parris. You may choose any of these as your “journal writer”, but all of them will appear in your journal.

The Crucible Times

Develop a front page from a Salem newspaper during the time/setting of this story. Your front page will be full of the story of Abigail and Company, the scandal, and/or the aftermath. The goal is to show me that you have an understanding of the plot and characters in the play. Your front page should include several of the following:

1. A banner headline
2. At least one picture with a caption
3. The lead story (at least 300 words)
4. Related side bar stories
5. Horoscope
6. Title of newspaper
7. At least one advertisement that is play related
8. Advice column
9. Gossip column
10. Classifieds

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