Corruption In Modern India As Depicted In The White Tiger

June 21, 2022 by Essay Writer

In the book ‘The White Tiger’ by Aravind Adiga, it shows that corruption is inescapable in modern India, corruption is portrayed in the novel through many instances. In the novel ‘The White Tiger,’ it tells us about Balram’s life experiences as a self-declared “self-made entrepreneur.” Throughout the novel, Adiga constantly exposes the corruption throughout India’s institutions. For example, schools, hospitals, police, elections, industries and every aspect of the government are described as completely corrupt.

Adiga exposes his voice through Balram about how corrupted India is, by telling us the events that have happened in his life. He tells us about the experiences the poor and wealthy have had in modern India. “It’s amazing. The moment you show cash, everyone knows your ‘ This quote is as it were about how the more fortunate, wealthy people are. Balram describes to us how money is a luxury, as not many people in modern India have the luxury of living in ‘light.’ The novel shows the audience that India is filled with selfish and desperate people. In the book, Agida had given us many examples of corruption, and one of those examples were when the schoolteacher of Balram ‘Mr. Krishna,’ wasn’t receiving any of his salary for the year. Mr. Krishna had given Balram his first ‘real’ name. Mr. Krishna didn’t get paid until nearly six months of his teaching career. So, the schoolteacher had ruined the education system, by teaching the students absolutely nothing, until his paycheck had arrived. Mr. Krishna would steal the given food and uniform by the government funds. He would then sell the clothes that government would hire for free to give to the students. The schoolteacher would also sell it in the neighbouring villages to earn profit, so he could feed for him and his family.

In the book, it tells us how Balram’s father had suffered from Tuberculosis and was then carried out to the hospital. The hospital had no doctors present. All that they could get hold of, was a ward boy. Balram had tried to bribe the ward boy by sacrificing ten Rupees so his father could get the care he had needed, but it hadn’t work. Balram asked ‘Why isn’t a doctor here uncle?’. The Man replied, “the doctor who wants the government job has to bribe a large sum of money to some higher officials to get that job and after getting that job the government medical superintendent would bribe him from the doctors one third of the salary and made a tick on the ledger.” Thus, the corrupted system in the hospitals and the absence of doctors let his father to die.

By that time, Balram’s political awareness had grown, things had gotten more intense and Balram’s anger had become much more prominent then it already was towards the upper class. The Time being Mr. Ashok and Pinky Madam unfortunately gotten divorced. Mr. Ashok was depressed and had approached his last relationship with his ex-lover Ms. Uma. Then on behalf of his family, he collected a large amount of money and had used it to bribe the government ministers. He tested the politicians who received bribe from Mr. Ashok to excuse him from the taxes of coal mines. Whenever he found Mr. Ashok making corruption and not paying taxes, he would get really angry and it would lead him to committing crime. Balram’s wish for earning money had grown more and more every day, making him determined. Balram thought that money was the only thing that could make him survive in this world. ‘Sometimes I wonder, Balram. I wonder what’s the point of living. I really wonder…’ “The point of living? My heart pounded. The point of your living is that if you die who’s going to pay me three and a half thousand rupees a month? “Mr. Ashok had become totally depressed because of the way he was living his life in corruption.

In conclusion the author, Agida, had made it very clear that it was normal for the ongoing corruption to be happening throughout India’s institutions like schools, hospitals, police, elections and industries. 


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