Contemporary Examples of Fascist Thoughts Essay

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Fascism by definition refers to a philosophy which seeks to ensure that the interests of the society always supersede those of the individual. The ideology of fascism advocates for a state that is ruled by a single party which is meant to mobilise people through all means acceptable and unacceptable to ensure that the roots of the society are not drained.

While fascism is rooted from socialism, the approach taken is one of capitalism where force and violence is used to achieve what is targeted. Fascism must be distinguished from socialism whereby socialism was seeking total control of all the processes of economy in the society by ensuring that production is state controlled (Trotsky 340).

Fascism on the other hand has always taken control though indirectly by ensuring that private owners dominate the processes of economy in the country. While fascism is concept that came to be many years ago, there seem to be merging modern examples of fascist thought. This discussion looks at some of the contemporary examples of fascist thoughts and also the limits and freedoms of such expressions.

Nazi Germany

Though it happened many years ago Nazi Germany is a perfect example of fascism (Griffiths 145). While the interests of the people were always kept first, the manner in which these interests were achieved was quite wanting especially because there was a lot of violence and force that was applied.

During the time of Hitler, power was acquired gradually without the need for an uprising or protests and this is what makes fascism dangerous. In modern day, a perfect example of fascism would be leftism or what has come to be known as left wing politics.

This is where change that is social in nature is advocated for with the aim of coming up with a society that is egalitarian. Leftism, pretty much like fascism is driven by emotions which were negative like anger, range and violence and all these negative emotions are directed to the status quo (Mosse 354). Modern fascism like leftism is geared towards changing the status quo or the position held by conservatists. It is the manner in which leftist apply their ideology that is questionable (Mussolini 76).

Al Qaeda

Looking at the Al Qaeda group which was pioneered by their fallen hero Osama Bin Laden may also reveal traits of modern fascism. Osama had a good cause for which he was fighting for and this was the protection of Islamic rights. However, it is the manner in which he carried out his mission that was wanting. He used terrorist’s attacks which led to the death of many people and led to the destruction of property. Modern day fascism is frowned upon leading to modern day fascists changing their tactics and strategy.


Fascist’s expressions have their limits in that they tend to curtain the general freedom of the people by sort of dictating to the people what they ought to and how they ought to behave (Breuilly 97). These expressions however have their fair share of freedom in that the person leading such movements is always a charismatic leader one who is liked by the people he is representing.

Fascism therefore is a double edged sword which can hurt either way or be beneficial in both ways. How effective this ideology is in a society will be highly dependent on how it is implemented.

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