Comparison Between Medea And Satan

December 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

Both Medea and Satan are self-centered, static characters who are motivated by revenge for their recent loss, who use exploitation to achieve their goal, and who have a moment in their journey where they self-reflect. Medea and Satan are both centered around self-pity. For one, Medea cannot let go of the fact that Jason has taken another lover while she has kept her oaths. She makes this known many times. Instead of thinking of her children and their well-being, she is solely focused on hurting Jason in a way that mirrors how hurt she is.

Additionally, Satan reminisces on the fact that he was once glorious. He is adamant with the idea that if he is stuck in Hell then he will use all his power to bring humanity into Hell too. In looking at the motives for both characters, what fuels the two is their thirst for vengeance. Satan wants to retaliate against God for sending him to Hell whereas Medea wants to get back at Jason for being a poor husband. For Satan, whether it is waging another war against God or simply disrupting his plans, he has decided that he has the rest of his time to think of novel ways to get back at him.

In Medea’s case, she will not sulk and stand idly by while Jason lives this new life that he has created for himself. Even when it came time to kill her kids, she told herself that she had to forget they were hers for the moment and only after it was done could she mourn them. Nothing would hinder either of them from retaliating. Moving along to how they took advantage of those around them, Satan fulfills his goal by exploiting Eve’s innocence. He fools her into thinking that not eating from the Tree of Knowledge was a test of her independence from God and that he has gained power by eating the fruit himself. Medea, on the other hand, carries out her plan by exploiting her children. Her husband and his other lover had no reason to keep their guard up around the children so, Medea uses them to deliver the poisoned robe and garland. Even though they are set on their ways, they find a moment to reflect. Satan asks himself why he couldn’t give God the thanks he was asking for. God had already provided so much for Satan and all he had asked was that Satan express his gratitude.

Moreover, he reveals that it was his pride and desire to rule that got the best of him. For a moment, Medea reconsiders her initial plan and thinks about the possibility of taking her kids with her. However, being that they are static characters, we see that neither of them act on this thought and follow through with their initial plans.

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